Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Korean Cultural Centre, Abuja will be showing their first film screening for the year. This is part of the monthly K-Culture day program. Each month the centre showcases one aspect of the Korean culture to Nigerians, sometimes comparing Nigerian and Korean Culture. 

This movie theme will be in line with the just concluded winter Olympics that was hosted by South KoreaThe event is free so you are welcome to attend with your friends. The movie is scheduled to start at 5 pm so don't be late!

Movie Title: Take Off 2 [PG-13]

Synopsis:  "What does it take to form a women’s Olympic national ice hockey team? A few middle-aged women, a middle school student, and maybe even a North Korean defector?
Kang Dae Woong (Oh Dal Su) is tasked with pulling together the first ever Women’s National ice hockey team in the hopes of representing South Korea in the Winter Olympics.
What he is able to assemble however is a hodgepodge group of women -- who can barely skate, let alone strike a hockey puck. Can this lackluster group form a team to even dream of making it to the Olympics?"

Starring: Soo Ae, Jae-suk Ha, Ji-eun Ha                          Director: Jong-hyun Kim
Release Date: 10 August 2016                                         Runtime: 126 min. 
Genre:  Sport, Drama
Trailer: Below

Before the movie, the Korean cultural Centre will be hosting the award ceremony for the 8th Edition of the Korea-Nigeria Poetry Fiesta. This is scheduled to start at 4pm, so you are welcome to arrive early to participate!
The centre is located at 2nd Floor Rivers House, Plot 83 Ralph Shodeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja.

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