Monday, 12 June 2017

여로분 오랜만에 잘 있었어요?

Hello everyone, how've you been?

I know it has been quiet around here for a while. I have been very busy and a lot of big changes have been taking place in my life. I have to admit though, I did miss writing and making youtube videos. I actually took a break from youtube because I didn't have final cut pro which I used to use for editing but now I have it so expect more videos from me.

I editied this video I filmed sometime last year where I talk about three of my favourite korean variety shows at the time. They are all very interesting and offers you a window into korean society and life as well as korean people in general. The third even gives you an added bonus of a foreign perspective of life in south korea.

So click the link above and enjoy the video. Don't forget to share with your friends and on your social media. If you have ideas for videos I could make, please do let me know.

P.S: I work at the Korean cultural centre in Nigeria now, and I was thinking of starting vlogs about experiencing korean culture in Nigeria. Let me know if this is something you will be interested in watching. You can contact me through my social media below.

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