2016 Korean Speech Contest, Nigeria

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Last Thursday, the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria hosted the 2016 Korean Speech contest.  Students of the Sejong Institute language class participated both at beginner and intermediate level. I won the competition last year and was able to go to Korea to mark the celebrations of Hangul Day. So I attended the competition this time around to support my classmates and cheer them on!

There were a lot of familiar faces and people I haven't seen in a while so it was a sort of reunion for me. 

The competition started out with the centre's director, Mr Han Sungrae, giving a welcoming address and encouraging the students to learn Korean. He also talked about how learning a language introduces you to a new culture. And he wished them good luck. The beginner category kicked off the contest...

The topics were really interesting and the most exciting part for me was being able to understand what the contestants were saying. It made me think about the first time I went for the speech contest 2 years ago when my Korean was around beginner level. I could barely understand wht anyone was saying so this was awesome for me.

Some of the topics at this contest were about energy resources in Nigeria, An Ode to Taeyang, Love for Taekwondo, Miyeok-guk and A look at Korean Music which was the winning speech. Amanda, the winner, belted out some classic Korean Trot and drama OST and wowed the audience with her talent!

The competition was judged by visiting Teachers from Sejong University in Korea who are currently running Kpop Academy at the centre here in Nigeria (More about that in a later post). Our Korean language teacher was returning to Korea so we took some goodbye photos with her one of which is above.

The winners were announced and awards given to both the beginner and intermediate category. Also a popularity award was given as well. The winner is set to take a trip later in the year to the land of morning calm where more adventures awaits her.

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