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We started the day at the resort, had 아침 식사~breakfast and checked out to start the long activities of the day. It was a bit nippy and cloudy -- not a good sign for a day outdoors. We set out to Jeonju Hanok village.

At the village, we headed uphill to a temple like area and took some photos. The view from there was amazeballs and got me excited. After that we went through a forest-like area downhill to the centre of the village. When we got to the place it was packed with tourists and koreans, there were a lot of quirky souvenir shops, food stalls and branded cafes. 

Every stand and store had an eye-catching thing that stops you on your tracks. The energy about was addicting and the food. oh gosh the food. I wanted to try it all. I was excited for lunch time.

L-R: A view of the Hanok Village, you can see the traditional Architecture. A cross-section of my teammates and our team leader. Random snaps of the temple and a cheeky shot of me :)

I mentioned the random souvenir shops we kept passing by. Above are few snaps I took of what they had on offer, including the monkey ;) The bottom left picture is this weird looking headband that was a trend at the time, both kids and adults, male and female where wearing it! I wonder what the gist behind it is.

We walked past the Hanok village, on to the high street. I kid you not, everything felt surreal and I tried to stay in the moment as much as I could because I knew I wanted to remember things vividly after my trip. We walked all the way to this temple like place where Samulnori performers were waiting to entertain us. It was awesome hearing them play sounds we spent the past days learning. After that two ahjummas did a "duet" performance on the instrument. It was fascinating to watch.

Then we played some traditional games, one of which is 각궁~Traditional Archery It was hard tbh, looked easy though. Archery is a national sport in Korea and widely enjoyed across the country as a favourite pastime.

We also had a chance to try out some of the things we learnt in front of the pros. 

On our way back to the village, we passed this furry friend with make-up on. It was so weirdly normal cos his owner was just stood there holding him, you bet I asked for a photo. 

One thing I noticed about Jeonju is that it was quite the blend of modern and traditional, fused everywhere. We walked past people dressed in fancy hanbok walking around with a backdrop of modern buildings and looking like they were transported right out of Joseon. A lot of couples were wearing Hanboks as well like in the photo above and taking cute pictures together in different places.

The building on the bottom right caught my eye as well, because the bottom part modern building and the upper deck is traditional style.

As a reassurance for those of you who can't read Korean, the signs are usually written in Korean and English, especially neighborhood names and the likes. After the traditional performance, we were taken to a Hanbok shop to try out the lovely costumes. Normally we could have rented it for a few hours and walked around wearing it but we were working on a schedule so we only got a chance to wear it for photos. Unfortunately our Cinderella moment was cut short. 

But the Hanboks were gorgeous and very comfy and I indeed felt like a princess wearing it!

Living in London, chances are you will come across the Queens guards at Buckingham Palace and and know how stiff they stand when on duty. Well this guard reminded me of them, he actually stiffened up more when I brought out my camera like he was posing. Made me giggle a bit. 

After the mini-fashion show, we went for lunch. I couldn't find a photo of it anywhere. It was a unique dish of egg mixed with seaweed and soup. Then there was side dishes, and rice, delicious!!!

After the usual lunch rituals, we were given these transparents raincoats cos it was pouring, the raincoats are similar to the ones I've seen on TV that fans wear at concerts. The interesting thing was us lined up all in blue and white walking through the streets of jeonju, and being foreigners as well, so we stuck out like a sore thumb! 

We were given an hour free time, so Me, my roommate Chloe and Unni went to this cute traditional cafe for dessert. It was a welcome warmth from the pouring rain. We ordered 팥빙수~patbingsu as pictured above--I will write a separate post about the cafe, it deserves one!

After the break, we got a tour of the palace grounds. If I recall properly, this was like a summer palace for the king.It was massive and it had a museum inside as well. We walked around, took photos and had lovely last moments before we headed back to Seoul. The pictures we took here were one of my faves, at this point I also realized that I was mostly behind the camera so I wasn't in most of the pictures :(

The Journey back to Seoul was a little mellow compared to the previous trip. We mostly slept all through except for the reststop break in the middle. We got back to Seoul and headed to a restaurant near our hotel for dinner. We had this noodle dish above, it was yummy! I also finally tried the egg rolls, omnomnom. The restaurant owner's son was serving us and he was so good looking that we kept calling for him to get us refill of side dishes that it got obvious, but he was loving the attention ;) cheeky!!

All in all this was an amazing trip and another great day filled with amazing memories. We headed to the hotel for a much needed rest in preparation for the next day when we went on Simply Kpop!! Stay tuned!

See you on my next adventures! 

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