KOREA 2015 #2: Samulnori Lesson, Arirang Studio and MamaMoo Performance

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Read Day 1 here if you haven't yet!!
Day 2 started off nice and early, woke up at sunrise and because my room was on the 8th floor, I had a nice view of the sun rising and I have to say it was a beautiful sight. Breakfast started at 7 and unfortunately I do not have a single picture of breakfast. It was a western/eastern breakfast spread buffet style and whatever your taste was, there was definitely something for you. Including Kimchi!!

After breakfast we all met our team and our 도우미~Helperseach team had 2 volunteers and a head Teacher. After confirming everyone was present, each team headed to their practice venue. Because we were the Samulnori team we headed to the National Gugak Centre which is the centre for traditional music. 

The place is massive!! We took the first picture above when we arrived and the bottom picture is the view of where we had our outdoor lessons.

We were introduced to our teacher and we were all given a JjanguIf you remember my kpop Academy days, we had a lesson about Samulnori and I spoke about it and what the 4 instruments are click here to read it. 

We jumped right into it with the teacher giving us a brief history and teaching us how to create different sounds using the two sticks. He spoke in Korean the entire time with a few English words thrown in. I understood a lot of it and was able to keep up. Not bad huh ;)

We played a few simple sounds with slow and fast rhythm and we also learned the greating rhythm for when you start and end a performance. It was so much fun and easy to remember and before we knew it our two hour lesson had ended!!

Our Lunch Spread of Bibimbap and Side dishes.

Then it was time for lunch. This was our first time in the center of Seoul and it was also our first time going to a Korean restaurant, and it was perfect. We went to a restaurant across the street from the Seoul Arts Centre and had a proper Bibimbap for lunch. I remember me and M squealing about the fact that we are eating Bibimbap in korea!! It was so yummy and  see that thing on the top left corner, I can't recall what it was called but it was so yummy!!!

Top: Me and our two lovely 도우미
After lunch, we had an hour to kill before we met the guys from the other teams, so we could all head off to Arirang TV for the finals of the Korean Speech Contest. So we decided to hang around the Seoul Arts Centre in front of this really nice fountain. This place was massive too!!! At this point I started noticing how everything in Seoul is like Extra large size, from the roads to the buildings!! And so Modern as well.

We had a crazy photo time and then we went to get something to drink. Guys I finally ordered something in full Korean and I was so proud of myself in that moment!! This was also the day I started talking to S Unni, the Girl sticking her tongue in the photos She's so fun and nice and basically one of my fave person on this trip. I think my Korean improved greatly on this trip because of her too.

Award Winners of the Speech Contest, Bottom L: Sujan with one of the winners Bottom R: The funny girl, overall winner
We arrived at Arirang Broadcasting Station at 2pm and headed into the studio where the finals will take place. Sujan Shakya from 비정상회담~Abnormal Summit was there as one of the Judges. I didn't know him because I stopped watching the show around the time of Enes Kaya's scandal. Now I need to get back on it!!

The contest was very interesting with my two memorable ones being the girl who went u on stage in a bathrobe and spoke about her experience at a 찜질방~Public bathhouse and the overall winner who spoke about wanting to be a comedian like the one on Gag Concert, she was so funny BTW!!! I think Gag concert people should snatch her up before someone else does because she's got the talent.


After the awards were given to the contest winners, we had an unexpected Kpop Girl Group come on stage. They are called 마마무~MamaMoo!!! I didn't know who they were but their songs are really good and the performance was great. They sounded great live and such powerful voices. I am officially a fan!!

After that, there was also a performance like none I have ever seen before. The room was pitch black and this group used lights to do some really cool tricks and dance. Words cannot describe it TBH, you just had to see it to understand how cool and eclectic it was. 

Then my fave MC from the night before came over and we played more games and had a really good time. As a Media student, I was so excited seeing behind the scenes of a broadcasting studio and the really cool cameras in action!!! 

Then it was dinner time. We walked over to this restaurant in the same neighborhood as the National Gugak Centre, the restaurant we had lunch and across the street from Seoul Arts Centre. We had the Tofu soup and I know it doesn't look appetizing but once you add the sauce in the brown bowl, the flavour is delicious. In case you didn't know all the silver bowls you'll be seeing in my food photos are rice. Most restaurants serve it this way.

One thing I love about the 반찬~Side dishes was that the Kimchi was yummy and there was more variety than the ones served at restaurants in London. After dinner we headed back to our bus and back to the hotel. Then we went to this huge ballroom where we are supposed to have our final performance.

My Samulnori Team <3 br="">

After a few announcements and photos we called it a night which meant official business was over and we had 자유 시간~ Free Time!!! My roommate, 언니~Unni and I went to a restaurant that had outdoor sitting near our hotel for some fresh air and a chat. It was really nice and I think it was the first time since I arrived that I spoke for over an hour in Korean well the best Korean I could put together!!

And then before we left Unni wanted a picture with the waiter because he was cute. We were giggling and the picture ended up blurry. After that we walked back to the hotel in the cool night and headed to our rooms to prepare for the next day.

P.S: If you've read up to here, then hello :) Be sure to comment below about your fave part from each day or which activity you wished you did as well. See you tomorrow for Day 3 :)

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