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Saturday, 17 January 2015


It's been a while! I mentioned on twitter that I had an announement, and that if I sort my wifi out it'll be on the blog. After two days of agonizing and trying everything I could think of, it has been sorted and I'm officially "Girl Online!"

I mentioned in a previous post that January is going to be a super busy month for me and it sure has been. I have had the craziest week and I can't remember the last time I was this busy for an entire week!

Anyways things have finally settled down a bit. So here's the announcement..


This blog will not be closed down!!! If you remember a few weeks back, I mentioned that I will be launching a new website this year, calm down, that is still in the works. But as I was working on the rebranding and content sourcing and website design, I realised that I have varied interests and fitting them into one blog will not work out well. My readers I have noticed come for different reasons and I also want the new website to work in a certain way, thereby making it a tad bit difficult to fit everything in!

The other thing is that I am learning korean and Japanese now and I will love to share that experience with you guys and also give the interested readers some info about both countries, tips and all sorts of great content. So I believe having a seperate website for just that will work out better. Plus I told you all that I am a contributing blogger for the korean government's official blog known as "The Korea Blog" So having a seperate website will mean that I can share more articles on Korea. Yayyy!!

Plus being the sentimental girl I am, letting go of this blog proved harder than I initially imagined. So this will be revamped into an All korean/Japanese blog while the new website will be some sort of Lifestyle blog!

Another big announcement is that I am now studying a journalism course which means I am going to officially be a writer/journalist soon and having a proper website as a portfolio will be more than helpful plus one of the projects on my course has to do a little with that anyways so look forward to the new blog guys!!!!

That's it for now. An interesting interview article will be uploaded tomorrow, keep an eye out!

Have a good and relaxing day ahead.



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