3 mistakes to avoid when learning korean

Sunday, 14 December 2014

It is always fun and exciting when you start learning a language. You want to absorb it all at once but soon enough you realize that you have to follow certain steps in order to be successful, plus you can't 'learn it all at once'. The same applies to Korean.

Each language has it's own unique characteristics and in most cases patterns to follow whilst studying, along with it is some mistakes that should be avoided. Over the course of my learning Korean, I have unfortunately falling prey to some of these mistakes. I hope I can help you to avoid them or to not repeat them.

21 question tag – the Korean learner version

Sunday, 7 December 2014

1. Why Korean?
I used to repeat words and phrases when watching Korean Dramas and then I moved on to writing it down. One thing led to another and I was learning hangul. The rest is history...

2 . Daum or Naver (dictionary I mean)?
Naver! Recently started using it a lot and it has been awesome so far. Never tried Daum but I might give it a go.

3. First website that you visit everyday?

My Blog aka my Safe Place :) then Youtube or Viki.

4. Best thing that happened to you? (related to learning Korean)

All the amazing opportunities and fantastic friends I've made along the way and of course Kpop Academy :) It all wouldn't have happened if I didn't start learning korean.

5. Ever regretted learning Korean?

Absolutely not!! I am falling in love with it more rather. I can't imagine my life otherwise now.

6. Most common feedback/question you get when you say you are learning Korean?

Why Korea? Why not french or spanish (Ughh sick of this question...why not Korea?)

7. First Korean food that comes to your mind?

김치 볶음밥 Kimchi Fried rice (I can never get enough of this)

8. Most overrated Korean drama?

Boys over flowers

9. Most underrated Korean drama?

A Gentleman's Dignity

10.Latest milestone in learning Korean?

Having a conversation with a Korean who spoke little English and I was able to keep up like 60% of the time. Getting there, fighting!!

11. Favorite Korean word / phrase?

진짜 Really

12. Name 3 people (fictional / real) who motivate / influence your Korean learning journey
G-Dragon: He is my favourite Korean artist and I would love to meet him someday. I want to speak in korean when that happens.

The Men of Abnormal Summit: It is a korean TV show with a foreign cast. They comment about evryday problems in Korea. They're all very fluent and it's very motivating watching them.

Korean self-study learners who have exceeded expectations. They all motivate and inspire me. I feel assured that I can do it too!!! Aja aja!!

13. Secret ambition / goal (relating to Korean)

Meeting and chilling with G-Dragon and having coneversations with him in Korean. Possibly moving to Korea and working at YG. Dreams are never too big right??

14. I want to sound like _____ when I speak Korean

Sandara Park or Yoo In Na

15. Best compliment received (for Korean)

Wow your pronunciation is really good. 

16. When is the last time you sat down and study Korean?

2 days ago...I'm being a really good girl this days.

17. Favorite textbook?

I've just used the Sejong Korean so far but I like the TTMIK Workbook and Sogang Korean which I find online.

18. Special people you met (online or otherwise) through Korean?

The friends I made through language cafe's and those I still remain friends with, they've inspired me and taught me a lot. The amazing guys at Kpop Academy, I had the best time with them. And also the people I met through this blog who are also learning korean or are interested in Korean culture. They all mean a lot to me :)

19. How has learning Korean changed you / your life? 

It has made me more open-minded about life and cultures. I have also become more adventurous. I eat lots of korean food and I'm surrounded by korean related stuffs everyday. I love it!!

20. Ever dreamt in Korean?
No, but I wish I will. It'll be fun I know :)

21. Single best thing about learning Korean?

Everything. It feels so good when I understand a word or when I meet a korean and they react to me speaking korean. I guess it is the feeling I get from absorbing Korea ❤

Why don't you give this a go as well, I would love to know what your responses are. You could leave a link to your post or just answer the questions in the comment :)



Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I'm back with another episode of learning korean using music. Although this song is not a Kpop song, It is as popular as kpop songs to fans of Korean dramas. If you have seen the drama '풀하우스~Pul-hauseu' (Full House) starring the king of Kpop 비~Bi~Rain (BTW that is his stage name and now you know how to say rain in Korean) and the gorgeous and talented Song Hye Kyo. I find it easier to understand the language in nursery rhymes because it is at elementary level. I hope this is of some help to you. Have fun!!
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