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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This centre was opened in 2010 to enhance friendship between South Korea and Nigeria through cultural and educational exchanges.  

With the growing interest in Korea across the globe, Nigerians are surely not left out. This was further indicated by a recent article on Korean dramas titled  "What do you think of Korean Dramas? Check out our Faves!" published on Bella Naija, the response was amazing. I had no idea that a lot of Nigerians have fallen in love with the sensational Korean dramas as well.

I remember the first time I found KCC, I was interested in Korea from watching K-Dramas and this led to me picking up the language. I was going to be in Nigeria over the summer so I went on my good 'ol friend google to find the address of the embassy so I could request for a language tutor. But lo and behold I found this precious gem of a place, you can imagine my excitement. I immediately emailed the centre and got a response from Mr Yoon who later became 윤 샘 (Teacher yoon) because he was the language teacher.

The traditional Korean Attire on Display at the centre

This was the beginning of my relationship with the centre and it became one of my favourite places in Abuja. It became a tradition for me to visit the centre the day I arrive in Nigeria regardless of how tired I am. When it comes to learning Korean my excitement is at an all time peak.

I digress...So here's what you need to know about their services..!!

The Sejong Institute Korean language course 


The centre runs a language class at beginner and intermediate level. You start from the basic which is learning the alphabets and greetings and at the end of the 16 weeks course you'll be able to make basic conversation (of course this also depends on your efforts). So why don't you sign up, it will be a chance to start understanding what is said in your favourite K-Dramas ;) This year they started a Sejong institute speech contest, I participated and came second position Yayy!! Planning to participate again next year. Fighting!!

Library at the Centre


There's a wide selection of books that you can either read on site or borrow (you have to sign up for membership but it's free and easy). The books range from a number of topics like economics, South korea, novels and storybooks and a good selection of language learning books. There's so many titles on offer, it is a chance to learn more about Korea and also practice reading your hangul (Korean alphabet) with the books written in Korean. There's also Korean films that you can borrow.


Have you heard of the representative sport of Korea? Have you ever been interested in learning a bit of martial arts or looking to pick up a sport? Well you can try the Taekwondo classes at the centre, they run a morning class for adults and an evening class for kids, how convenient right? It is a good option for extra-curricular activity and as an adult you can be active and lose a few pounds. If you're good enough, you can also sign up for the African Taekwondo competition to show off your skills and win prizes/awards. 

Taekwondo Hall

K-Pop Dance Competition

For the past 3 years, the centre has hosted a K-pop dance competition with the overall winners getting an all expense paid trip to south Korea to participate in the World competition. There are also a lot of consolation prizes such as the latest Smart phones. This is your chance to bring out your dancing shoes and become your favourite kpop idols for a day. How cool right!! imagine dancing to EXO's overdose or BTS's Boy in love...aaaahh the dream!!! This is also a chance to meet like-minded individuals and just an overall fun experience. plus hey a trip to South Korea is up for grabs, you can't say no to that ;)

Korean film Nights

The centre has a multi-media room where Korean films are shown regularly. You can grab a couple of friends who are interested in the films or if you want to introduce a friend to Korea what better way than a fun movie session. For all the film listings, check out their website I'll link it at the end of this post.

Multimedia Room

Exhibition Hall

Koreans are known for beautiful ceramics with a long history

Traditional Instruments: L-R: Janggu (My fave), Buk and Gayageum (Most famous)

Learn about the history of south Korea with interesting write-ups and pictures on the wall whilst walking past a snap of Ji-Sung Park (Former Manchester United footballer) and Rain (World renowned Singer/Actor). There's a hall displaying Ceramics and traditional Korean instruments with my Favourite, the Janggu (remember when I played it at Kpop Academy?). There's also a couple of Arts done by pupils in Nigerian schools, it was interesting looking at their interpretation of Korea and how they incorporated Nigeria into it.  

Arts by pupils displaying relationship between Korea and Nigeria

Scholarship programs and Contests

The centre in collaboration with the Korean government provides undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for Nigerians to study at top universities in Korea. For more information contact the centre or check their website. There's also information on different contests that can be found on the websites. Most of them gives you a chance to visit South Korea or win a bunch of prizes. Good luck!!

It was hard walking past this picture every time, made me crave Hansik (Korean cuisine)

Jogakbo (Korean traditional Patchwork)

Cultural Exchange Programs

The centre hosts a lot of cultural programs ranging from exhibitions to Food tasting. Recently it also hosted the 5th Korean Film festival in Lagos. During major Korean holidays, there's usually a celebration of some sort where you get to try out Hanboks and also taste the flavour of Korean food.

View of Abuja street from the Centre, with Aso rock in full view.

Contact Details 

Address: Rivers State Building, 2nd Floor, Plot 83 Ralph Shodeinde Street, Opposite Federal Ministry of Finance Headquarters, Central Business District Abuja. Map is below.



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