My first K-pop Concert Experience: Mini concert with Super Junior'sDongHae & EunHyuk.

Friday, 14 November 2014

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the theatre was the stage. There was this huge lighting panels and bright lights with smoke and I thought, 'Yup this is it'!!! From when I got to the venue I could feel the general attitude and level of excitement, everyone was there because they loved Kpop and it was such a wonderful feeling being in that room. It was kinda like a community and this is where I belong...

Fans were handing out photo cards and banners and everyone was sharing kpop stories and asking about biases ( fave kpop idols) and what-nots. You could tell that the fans are very dedicated and this was not just a concert but it meant so much more...One of the fans designed a mini banner to celebrate the group's 9th Anniversary which was produced through Super Junior UK Fanclub and distributed at the event. The most surprising thing however is the demographic of the fans, as expected there were a lot of fangirls, but there were fanboys present as well as Mum's, Dad's and even Grandparents.

Awww eunhyukkie chingu's. I would have been right there with them!!

It started off with DongHae and Eunhyuk introduced by the host to which the room erupted with cheers when they got on stage, they immediately kicked off with MOTORCYCLE and the atmosphere was enthralling. All I kept thinking was No way!!! No way!! I couldn't believe there were like a few feet away from me. I have loved Eunhyuk since his appearance on strong heart with Leeteuk and Shindong from Super Junior as well. They used to do a segment called Boom Academy and Teukigayo and it was hilarious. Plus his personality is just awesome to me. I recently listened to the mini album he did with donghae and I was hooked! So this was surreal on so many levels for me...

After the song, with the help of a translator, they introduced themselves and did the usual banter known as fan service! They started goofing around and playing us saying how they could only perform two songs and I was like wait....WHAT?? So they went ahead and performed 1+1 = Love and had the audience join in too. The energy in the room was upped and everyone seemed to be having a good time, there was a lot of cameras, you will think you were in a room filled with journalists!!

After their earlier joke about only performing two songs, they said they will perform one more and that it had to do with the fondest memories they have of London. I immediately knew they would perform Still You. Now I love this song and it is on my playlist, but because I had all my hopes up on them performing 'oppa oppa', I was slightly disappointed, but they gave a really good performance that I unconsciously started singing along.  Afterwards, they started singing lyrics from different songs and interacting with the fans. It was just so endearing and lovely. And I never realised the extent to which the fans adored them until I saw their reactions to the conversations. I just thought WOW!! A cheesy sentence and everyone was like awww, Hyukkie kept saying his heart was cold and people cheered for him to make him happy. 

Unexpectedly they started singing HELLO and the energy in the room was up again and everyone was singing along, at this point I was like if they don't perform 'oppa oppa', I will be slightly dissapointed but I am still having the best time and just enjoying the music and the atmosphere. Next up they performed Oh No and I was like WOW!!! It was upbeat, catchy and the dance moves were awesome. Hyukkie the dance machine obviously gave us some dance moves and it was just fun to watch. It automatically became my second fave song from them. 


Donghae mentioned that he had a present for us and there was a bit of an uncomfortable situ-A-tion and awkward joke which I'll skip, he then asked us all to close our eyes and be quiet. The theatre was still and then he blew a kiss through the mic, trust the fangirls to go crazy.....hyukkie tried it too but it was kinda of a flop! They thanked the audience for welcoming them to London and the great atmosphere at the event. They apologised for not having a lot of songs out and promise to be back with a full album and performance for us. Hyukkie mentioned Super Show 6, I do hope they stop by London, because I am a fairly new super Junior Fan so the thought of seeing all of them on stage together is awesome. 슈퍼 쇼는 런던에서 지참의 와서 해주세요 :)


There was this security guard to my left that everytime I glanced at his direction he had one expression on his face which was hilarious. It was like he had this straight face amidst all this crazy. 

So the boys finally said this was really the last song and everyone should stand up, my heart was racing and I had my fingers crossed, Next thing I heard was "My Name is DongHae" and I screamed and started jumping, that was the opening for "oppa oppa", I was jumping and singing along and so was everybody else. Apparently that was the most anticipated song and boy did they deliver. Although there weren't any backup dancers, there was this huge screen behind them and there were playing the Music Video, so it was similar to a proper concert.

Since I heard about them coming to London, I was looking forward to this performance and have had the song on replay like a lot of times recently. I was looking forward to the part where the say When I say... You say Oppa, and everyone screams Oppa!! The energy in the room was indescribable and in my mind I was like 'aaaah...So this is why people go to concerts" See this wasn't just my first Kpop Concert experience, this is my First Concert ever!! And I have to say, I think I am hooked. This experience was just amazing and I am glad I attended. 

Look out for part 2 of this where I talk about the Movie with Donghae starring in it and also the Q&A they did afterwards. 

Which was your favourite song that they performed? What are your thoughts on the concert?

Photo Source: Korean Cultural Centre and London Korean Film Festival.


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