Visit the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This centre was opened in 2010 to enhance friendship between South Korea and Nigeria through cultural and educational exchanges.  

With the growing interest in Korea across the globe, Nigerians are surely not left out. This was further indicated by a recent article on Korean dramas titled  "What do you think of Korean Dramas? Check out our Faves!" published on Bella Naija, the response was amazing. I had no idea that a lot of Nigerians have fallen in love with the sensational Korean dramas as well.

I remember the first time I found KCC, I was interested in Korea from watching K-Dramas and this led to me picking up the language. I was going to be in Nigeria over the summer so I went on my good 'ol friend google to find the address of the embassy so I could request for a language tutor. But lo and behold I found this precious gem of a place, you can imagine my excitement. I immediately emailed the centre and got a response from Mr Yoon who later became 윤 샘 (Teacher yoon) because he was the language teacher.

The traditional Korean Attire on Display at the centre

This was the beginning of my relationship with the centre and it became one of my favourite places in Abuja. It became a tradition for me to visit the centre the day I arrive in Nigeria regardless of how tired I am. When it comes to learning Korean my excitement is at an all time peak.

I digress...So here's what you need to know about their services..!!

[Review] Wagamama Japanese Restaurant Uxbridge

Sunday, 23 November 2014

It is safe to say that every foodie, tom, dick, and harry have tried Wagamama. If you haven't, get on google and find the nearest one STAT!! So I suppose it is no surprise that I­— as well as most Brunelians (Brunel Uni students) and residents of Uxbridge, was excited for the opening of Wagamama in our dear town.

I waited with anticipation and planned on going to the opening but I unfortunately couldn't and had to keep putting it off, that is until tonight. I went for dinner with Gaya and a friend and to my surprise we had to wait for a table. I guess it is a smashing hit!! This might be because it's a Sunday night or because it recently opened, heck who am I kidding it is because it's Wagamama!!

We didn't have to wait for long but it was okay cos we got the chance to peruse the menu. One thing we noticed is that there's a difference from the regular menu and this one was limited  but most of the popular dishes were definitely on there (Calm down, there's a Firecracker ;)

The sitting area was set out as the picture below and I liked it. It makes it comfortable whether you are in a group or alone. Plus I have a thing for East Asian architecture so I liked the way this was set up. The kitchen is an open plan setting and there are some stools around there as well. How nice to have your food prepared right in front of you (Note to self: try that out)

For the Love of Trot (트로트) Music.

Monday, 17 November 2014

My first encounter with Korean trot Music~트로트 was last summer. I attended the language class at the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria, where I took part in the Sejong institute speech contest. At the event, my classmates and I performed Arirang and a trot song by Jang Yun-Jeong, (You might Know her from the reality show, The Return of Superman), called '어머나~Eomona' which translates to 'Oh My', an expression generally used by females kinda like 'Oh my goodness'. I remember clearly the day (short form for teacher)  played the song for the first time and told us about performing. She acted out the song for us and I thought 와우...재미있어 (Wow, it looks fun). 

The tempo was upbeat, the rhythm was nice and we were all bobbing our heads to it. We were all excited to perform it except for maybe the one male person in our class because it is perceived as a feminine song. mentioned that Koreans have a soft spot for this song and it has been a popular choice at noraebangs for years. I made it a point to ask some Koreans I met afterwards and they all agreed, with some even singing the song with me.

My first K-pop Concert Experience: Mini concert with Super Junior'sDongHae & EunHyuk.

Friday, 14 November 2014

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the theatre was the stage. There was this huge lighting panels and bright lights with smoke and I thought, 'Yup this is it'!!! From when I got to the venue I could feel the general attitude and level of excitement, everyone was there because they loved Kpop and it was such a wonderful feeling being in that room. It was kinda like a community and this is where I belong...

Fans were handing out photo cards and banners and everyone was sharing kpop stories and asking about biases ( fave kpop idols) and what-nots. You could tell that the fans are very dedicated and this was not just a concert but it meant so much more...One of the fans designed a mini banner to celebrate the group's 9th Anniversary which was produced through Super Junior UK Fanclub and distributed at the event. The most surprising thing however is the demographic of the fans, as expected there were a lot of fangirls, but there were fanboys present as well as Mum's, Dad's and even Grandparents.
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