what korean drama has taught me about love

Sunday, 14 September 2014

As cheesy and unrealistic as soap operas can be, there are a thing or two we learn from them. My years of watching Korean dramas has made me a sort of expert at deciphering them and predicting outcomes, although once in a while I do come across that odd one that knocks me off my feet.

Most Korean dramas are centred around love. Be it a romantic love or other types. Seeing this situations over and over again, I have been able to learn a thing or two about love. You see love is as universal as it can get, however, I have come to the realisation that we all love in our own special ways, but there are things that are always the same. 

From the mythical land of the Korean drama I have been able to acquire the following wisdom...

I learnt that love is not selfish, if you truly love a person sometimes you have to be selfless with regards to them. This might not always be the easiest situation but so long as it is for their well-being then it will be worth it.

I learnt that when you love someone, it is usually best to let them know rather than nurturing a one-sided love for years which will eventually catch up with you and hurt you and the people around you. We don't want that now do we?

I learnt that to love someone sometimes you have to let them go. It might hurt...no actually it will hurt but it is for the best. If you hold on to someone regardless, then you will all end up unhappy or in extreme cases resentful.

I learnt to wear my heart on my sleeve. That kind of love is liberating plus it helps in avoiding the storing up feelings that might end up exploding leaving casualties!!

I learnt that sometimes love can hurt you, but you cannot give up on love because of a bad experience in the past. Love isn't a fairytale (although we can create our fairytale), so we shouldn't expect it to be perfect.

I learnt that lying to someone you love almost always ends up disastrous. And also hiding things with the notion of "protecting" our loved ones isn't always what's best for them. They will eventually find out and they wouldn't be happy about it plus don't forget the stress keeping a secret entails!!

I have learnt so much more but in the end the most important one I have learnt I think is to 'not be afraid of my feelings'. If I love someone I should embrace it and to never LET GO, no matter the consequences. I have watched over an over again as Love Conquered All!!

And the best of all is knowing that 
"Love has two faces of Happiness and Sadness"
I hope you have also learnt a thing or two from this!! If you watch K-Dramas, please leave me a comment sharing what K-Drama has taught you about love!!

with love,

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