Korean Diary Entry #1

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Interesting title right?

I was just doing some major reflecting on my language study and it has slowed down a bit. This is mostly due to how busy other aspects of my life has been. 

I have made up my mind to post diary entries in Korean in order to help me with the following

  • Think in Korean
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Learn to express myself in Korean
  • Learn to sound natural (although this might take a while seeing as I'm using the dictionary for now)

2014년 9월 11일 
오늘 많이 하지 않았어. 난가지고 두통이 아주 있었어.   

이번 주말에 런던에서 기념을위한 갈거야.

레이디스 코드 리세와 은비의 기념관.

솔직히 알고  없는데 그들 하지만

케이팝 가족을용 나는 갈 것이요.

굿나잇 친구들!

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