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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Chris Rathore is a 19 years old Business student at Brunel University, London. He is a photographer for the University's Newspaper. Chris is a Nature, Portrait and Landscape photographer with a knack for creative photography. He uses his pictures to create stories of memorable and stunning pictures. 

Chris draws inspiration from English Photograher extraordinaire Kirsty Mitchell she does well orchestrated photo shoots and she's been working on one project for two years now. She builds these really bizarre setups which usually are in the forest and creates the most beautiful and enchanting photos. His other inspiration is Russian photographer Stanislav Puchkovsky.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris about his passion, creative process and inspiration. Keep on reading to get inside the mind of this creative genius...

Ambitious or Distracted | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

"Ambitious or Distracted?
A question we must ask ourselves every now and then. The paper bird depicts high aspirations, ambitions and the confused look reflects the distractions in our lives."


What was the first thing that drew you to photography?

Surprisingly it all started from instagram! I had no clue whatsoever about cameras let alone DSLRs and its workings, until about 3 years back. I was fascinated by all the creative pictures on instagram and the editing process. When I first discovered photography, I posted around 10 pictures a day. I got so into it which led me to ask the popular photographers on instagram how their pictures came out so well. 

I got into landscape photography first and then gradually moved to portraits. Taking pictures with my iPhone and experimenting with the varieties of apps on hand helped me to hone my editing skills. After doing this for two years, I made the decision to buy my first proper camera, which led me to organize some themed photo shoots. I started with landscape but ended up finding my true passion for portrait photography.

Howth, Ireland | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .


What type of gear do you use for your shootings? Is it the same for all the photoshoots?

I use almost the same gear for all of my photo shoots. So my Nikon D3200  DSLR and an additional 50 mm lens.

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures? Are you self taught or did you take a photography class?

It is mostly self taught, I learn new tips and tricks from watching YouTube videos and checking out blogs and websites of seasoned photographers. I then practice diligently until I have mastered the techniques as well.

Lightening Swirl | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

Out of all the photographs you've taken so far, do you have a favourite? A picture you always come back to that has left an impact and you're proud of it.

There's this one picture that comes to mind. I took a picture of four people sitting in front of a bar having a cigarette and chatting. It was a spontaneous picture but it turned out to be my favourite. It felt like I became part of the moment they were sharing. I have lost said picture but it is still lingering in my memory. However, there's something that I like about the photo below, it may be because it's too simple yet so expressive.

" Anjana Abraham " | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

                         "I think Natural light is the best light for portraits"

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photographs?

I wish I had known back then the importance of light and how it affects the end result of a photo. I had no clue about the difference. I just thought of it in the concept of night and day, but with time after experimenting, I started noticing the significant difference.  Personally, I think natural light is the best light for portraits and landscape. You can't manipulate natural  lighting but you could do some setting adjustments and editing to make it look good, but nothing beats natural lighting.

In Reflection | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

Do you do Street photography? I noticed it is now the trend and it has gained worldwide popularity.

I started with street photography actually. The good thing about street photography is that it is spontaneous and you don't have to worry about planning and themes. All you need is your camera and a good timing and instinct. Street photography is outstanding, but the thing  I don't like is that you can't put your voice into the image. I realised that planning a shoot and creating a story I would want to portray is more interesting to me, because I get to control both the creative process and outcome of the pictures.

What do you think makes a memorable photo?

A memorable photo captures the emotion and the soul of the subject. When I take a portrait photograph for example, I try to present the personality of the person so that when people who know them see the picture, they can recognize their personality in it. 

Dreamy Conscience | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

How does Black and white vs Colour play into your work?

There's a very simple difference between 'black and white' and 'Colour'. When you capture black and white pictures, you capture the emotion. Whereas in colour photos, there's more focuse on the clothes as well as other props. If I take a photo and I notice that the emotion is stronger than the props, I present it in black and white to enhance it even more.

Inside Artist | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

What do you want anyone looking at your pictures to take away from it

I would want them to take inspiration from my work and try to create better pictures than my work. I want my pictures to sort of challenge their imaginations. I do a lot of themed photo shoots so I would also like them to try and figure out the emotion and context of my photos.

When you're doing a photo shoot, how much of it is instinctual vs planned?

When something has to go wrong, it'll definitely happen no matter how much you try to avoid it. I would say 80% of my work has more to do with instinct, but the thing that we can plan to the extent of planning is the props and location. Things like how your subject is going to smile, how their hair is going to fall, the sunlight, wind and so on usually works according to the situation at hand. So I can't completely plan for that. My work is instinctual as well as a well planned out event.

The eyes tell a story | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

What's next for you?

I am planning an Underwater photo shoot. (Mi Ra's note: You can check out the BTS of his underwater photoshoot by clicking here). I am also doing a collaboration with my university's student union for fresher's week.

What's your vision for the future?

My plan for the future is to finish my studies with good grades and eventually join the family business. I am hoping to keep doing photography as my hobby. However, If I do get opportunities to make photography my full-time career I am open to try it out.

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