When your life is a beautiful chaos....

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I guess to call yourself a writer, you need to write!! 

I haven't been doing that lately. My life has been a bit of a chaos, my beautiful chaos as I like to call it, and I can't find the time to do the things I like.

I guess this is a learning process as well as it is a crucial part of growing up. 

Sometimes we need to do things we have to, which keeps the things we want to on the back pedal. 

I am working hard and trying my best to put things in order so I can get back to the things I want  to.

That being said, I am scared that when I decide to get back to writing, 
all the words in my heart and head (The recipe for my writing
will have evaporated/dried up/become extinct. 

To prevent that from happening, I have vowed to find the time to write as much as I can about anything and everything. Be it a few sentences or more. 

Therefore, my posts may not be as long or as often as I'd like but I promise they will pop up every now and then.

Wish me luck and always stay true to yourself xx!!

with love,

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