KPop Academy: Overview

Monday, 25 August 2014

I still can't shut up about my experience at KPop Academy, that was how good it was!!!

I have been sending people this way to check out the posts I wrote about my experience, but I know it can be a bit difficult to navigate your way through the entire 12 weeks + Assignments posts. 
So I made this guide to sort of make it easier for you.


Week 1: Orientation.
Week 2: K-Language and Hangeul
Week 3: I wore a Hanbok.
Week 4: Korean Cooking Lessons at School of Wok.
Week 5: Korean History and Korean War.
Week 6: Craft: Colour of Korea
Week 7: K-Dance with Team LoKo.
Week 8: Korean Literature
Week 9: Traditional Music and Free B.A.P Concert Tickets.
Week 10: Varieties of Korean Music Today
Week 11: Korean Art at the British Museum
Week 12: Graduation....


Week 1: Most Used Words and Phrases in Korean Drama (K-Drama) and KPop
Week 2: Typography Chart
Week 3: G-Dragon, A Fashion Icon
Week 4: Jjajangmyeon Noodles Recipe
Week 5: Shadows in the palace Review.
Week 6: Hanbok Origami and Ttakji.
Week 7: Webtoon: A New Trend in Korean Digital Comics with Yoon Tae-ho
Week 8: Sijo Poem
Week 9: CROOKED ~ 삐딱하게 by G-Dragon PARODY 
Week 10: KPop & Gugak (Traditional Music)
Week 11: M/V Parody of I Almost Had it by Jang Kiha and the Faces.
Week 12: I wrote and performed a spoken word poem for Kpop Academy Graduation!!!

Hope you enjoy it, there's sooo much awesomeness written on this pages!!!

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