When my Sister Had a Life by Saudah

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Heyy guys..... Kon'nichiwa ~ こんにちは (Hello in Japanese)

It's Saudah, Mi Ra's Sister :)

How's your weekend? I wrote this poem about Mi Ra and she made me share it on here....

When my Sister Had a Life

When my sister had a life,
She would dream for hours

About travelling to various cities

Like New york or Paris

Or Barcelona or Milan

When my sister had a life,
Together we would

Go crazy with laughter over funny Hollywood movies

Or cry ourselves silly over sad Bollywood movies

Or sigh with frustration over stupid Nollywood movies

When my sister had a life,

Eating out was an ordeal

Because we could never decide

Which cuisine to try

Is it indian? Or Thai ? Or Chinese?

Or italian? Or Maybe japanese ?

But now, All my sister does

Is dream about visiting Seoul,

Or watch Korean dramas all day,

Or get excited about Kpop artists

And all she eats is Korean food

Although it may be hard

For me to understand

I have to appreciate that

This is the life she wants to live

So it may seem that

My sister doesn't have a life

But that is not so

Just that the life she chose

Is a different kind of life.

Douzo yoroshiku ~ どうぞよろしく。 (Nice to meet you)

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