KPop Academy Week 12: Graduation....

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hey guys so I graduated from KPop Academy on the 17th of May 2014!!!
I dreaded this day for the obvious reason that it was an amazing experience and I didnt want it to end.

P.S: Photo credits goes to KCC. Most of the pictures are theirs mixed in with some of mine. 

Entrance to the Centre, you can see some of us sitting inside.

The day started out with us arriving to KCC before 1:30pm (Ceremony was scheduled for 2pm) to sign the cards we got for the organizers of the Academy and also to sort out the pressies and flowers. The foyer was packed with all of us plus our guests (we were each allowed 2) chatting and nibbling at the yummy cookies that Roxi (One of the coordinators) made for us.

Roxi and the cookies. Wait doesn't that sound like a great name for a band ;)

At 2pm, we headed into the hall for the main event. To be frank I was so nervous. After the opening remarks and brief introductions, the recitals began. We were each asked to prepare some sort of presentation for the recital. 

L-R: Yu Jin the Crafts Guru, Brian the War Veteran, Director Kim Kap-soo, Director Jeon Hye-Jung Brains behind KPop Academy, Mr M.C
 The first one up was Ashia, she did her presentation and at the end she told us about the item she brought for the Jangteo~Korean traditional market (we were asked to bring a kpop/korea related item to swap), collected her certificateand gift, took a picture with the director, then picked the name of the next person from a box!!! 

Cross-section of Gifts organised for us by the Academy
This went on for a while, we got to 
  • Watch the funny Parody of B.A.P's Crash by Jessica, Melody, Kate and Rathina.
  • Sing-along to Philip's rendition of a Korean love song (P.S if you're reading this phillip, can you leave a link to the song in the comments section. Thanks :)
  • Naima's "Noona Goes to Seoul" Video, she went to KOREA guys, two weeks before Grad and we got to watch all her adventures in Seoul.
  • I cant forget cristtel's dance cover of 'The Baddest Female' by the Queen Bee herself C.L!! It was Daebak!!
  • And alot of others as well....

We then took a break for a bit and we wandered to the basement where the Library and Entertainment area is, Our Assignments were exhibited here. Both 2D and videos!!
Do you remember the Parody video of Crooked by GDragon and I almost had it by Jang Kiha and the Faces I did a few weeks back? Well it was shown continuously on this massive screen (Imagine having to stare at yourself like

Some of our Assignments. The tablets on the bottom are for the videos!!
My Hanboks are the ones on the Left...
Anywaaayys, we headed back for the rest of the presentations. Elisa picked out my name, so I got her swap item which was a bunch of snacks and noodles from Seoul Foods (Komawo Elisa)

I wrote and performed a spoken word poem the title is 'We are Connected', you can watch it HERE.
I initially wanted to sing 그XX by GDragon, I'm glad I didn't. If you're curious to know why, watch this VIDEO!!!
Talking about my Swap item, a Girls Generation Cap

Shazmin got my Cap. You can spot my Seoul Foods goodies in the bag at the back.
My Certificate, gift and Origami Grad cap. The cap was a fun exercise as part of Vanessa's presentation. We mad the cap and also wrote a note to put inside. Thoughtful idea right?!!!

Making my grad cap and also Pouting? Aegyo? No idea!!

After all the presentations were done, with the last one being Saiyukta and Elisabeth's dance cover, we performed the Kpop Academy Song. It was composed by one of the past students of the Academy, and she was there to play the guitar and lead the performance.
Singing KPop Academy Song
After that, the Best student was announced, It was Jessica. She won the Plan tickets to Korea.
Chukhahaeyo Jessica.

Jessica being presented her ticket and me Photo-bombing

The 5th KPop Academy

We presented the gifts we prepared for the organizers, said our thanks and headed down to the basement for some yummy Korean food and Noraebang~Korean Karaoke.
Yummy Korean Food!!!!!!

Some More yummy Korean Food!!!!!

The rest of the time was spent on some old school KPop Songs with the help of the Karaoke set-up.
We all said our goodbye's but Kim, Elisabeth and I didn't wanna leave. We waled around for a bit, then sat at Leicester square chatting away. We ended the day at one of our two faves restaurant 'ASSA' were some more yummy food was eaten, followed by an interesting encounter.

So the guy sitting next at the table next to ours spotted my Kpop Academy certificate and apparently he attended the previous one before ours. Small world right?! We ended up talking with them for a bit. 
When you're into KPop and stuff, you now how easy it is to talk to others like you!!! That is definitely one thing I love about all this!! The friends that come along the way...
If you guys are reading this, thanks for stopping by to talk to us. It really was lovely.

Now KA5. It is the end of an amazing Journey but luckily it came with amazing friends as well. Thank you for all the memories and for the sense of belonging ya'll provided. 
Here's to a lifetime friendship and experiencing bits of Korea with you lot. See you next time, in London or who knows, mayhaps Seoul.

With Love, 

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