Nights like this...

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Writing, you might not be my first love nor will you be my last love
but I am assured that you will be my eternal love....

It is nights like this I love,
when my heart shines like the
brightest moon on a dark summery night.
I get flutters just at the thought
of the possibilities that lies ahead of me.

My fingers itch for the familiar dance it does
tapping along the lines of my worn out keyboard,
working in tune with my heart and mind,
which eagerly awaits to share its tales
just like a kid showing his favourite toy.

It is nights like this I love,
when the silent night wraps its hands around me 
soothing me with tunes of serenity,
like the chipper of the crickets just outside my window
or the distant snores of my brother's slumber.

It is nights like this I love and wish for,
when my heart is weightless and free.
My own special kind of wonderland
away from all the adversity.
With nights like this, I dread sunrise
But alas it comes knocking every single time.

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