Quotes on Destiny from a High-Schooler.

Friday, 7 March 2014

I was having my own special kind of throwback Thursday by going through some old journals from high school and I found this really interesting quotes on Destiny (don't ask what a high-schooler was doing thinking serious shit like this, I have no idea). My first instinct was to share it with you guys cos you know we're now like kinda, sorta, friends in my head

 BTW for those wondering that is Chinese characters and not Korean.

Catch the star that holds your destiny, 
the one that forever twinkles in your heart.
Always believe that your ultimate goal is attainable, 
as long as you commit yourself to it.
The greatest gifts of life are not purchasable but 
are acquired through hard work and determination.
You are capable of making your brightest dreams come true. 
Give your hopes and everything you've got and 
you will catch the star that holds your DESTINY.

-Author Unknown.

Keep your thoughts positive for they become your words.

Keep your words positive because they become your behaviour.

Keep your behaviour positive for it becomes your habit.

Keep your habit positive because it becomes your values.

Keep your values positive because they lead you to your destiny.

-Author Unknown.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday.


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