KPop Academy Week 3: I wore a Hanbok.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Photo Credits: KCCUK.

Last Saturday was week 3 of the KPop Academy and we learnt all about Korean Fashion over the years. I was so excited for this class because we were going to try on 한복~Hanbok (Korean traditional attire). It has been on my Korean dream list to wear it and it was finally happening (I might share the list with you guys sometime).

The session started with a mini lecture by Professor Jung Taek Lee from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Hanbok is  from the Joseon dynasty. It was founded by Taejo Lee Song-gye who is the founder and the first king of the dynasty. It is known to have 3 garment style both for men and women consisting of an Overcoat, Jacket and Trousers/Skirt. It is fastened from the left to the right. 

There are different types of Hanbok depending on your status in society (e.g king, queen), your occupation (military) or the occasion (wedding). The clothing mirrors your status and social level during that era.

The King and Queen's Hanbok

The combination of the Colours used on Hanboks is supposed to possess power to protect the wearer. Also the materials used in making Hanbok are said to bring about longevity and Happiness.

Over the years there has been fashionable changes in the style of Hanbok and it has become influential especially in Asian contemporary fashion. The picture below is an example...

Because of the change in lifestyle of the modern Era, the voluminous hanbok that was more practical largely due to the sedentary lifestyle practiced in those days has slowly become extinct. It is still used today for traditional occasions and holidays like 설날~Seollal (Lunar New year) and 추석~Chusoek (Harvest Festival) and even at traditional Korean weddings.

After the lecture we were divided into two groups to wear the male and female Hanbok. We then had a fashion show to display the different kinds of Hanboks. After which we had a chance to take lots of pictures. We were all soo excited and geeking out. The energy in the room was just amazing. Here are a few pictures that we took....

I got to wear an everyday attire of a Queen

A cross-section of the Male Hanbok
I thought the purple one looked like a Fairy princess
My Hanbok was voluminous but still comfortable, I can see myself rocking this ;)
The two Queens :)
After the photo session, we headed off to Assa for some much needed/craved ddeokboki and Kimchijeon in preparation for next week's class where we will learn all about korean Food and we will also have a go at making some!!! 

Stay tuned for more adventures...



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