G-Dragon, A Fashion Icon: kpop Academy week 3 assignment.

Friday, 14 March 2014

The last class was on Korean fashion so this week's assignment theme is on different Asian fashion and hallyu fashion as well. I choose the option that said to write about the most Fashionable KPop artist.

I didn't have to think twice about this one because I immediately knew who I was writing about. Not being biased or anything but I believe that Kwon Jiyong popularly known as G-Dragon is the most fashionable icon in the KPop scene.

 In the beginning of his career, his fashion sense was just like everyone else's and was in line with the concept of his group Big Bang. Over the years as he moved on to start his solo career, his fashion evolved as well as his music. He began to delve into and discover his artistic disposition. We came to find out that his fashion identity was as individualistic as his music. 

He has been likened  to other fashion icons such as  Michael Jackson and Kanye west but when asked he said he is more like Justin timberlake. He is known to be referred to as an image Chameleon, largely due to the fact that his fashion changes a lot. His fashion has evolved over the years and he has experimented from clean cut to the edgy, Street wear fashion to avant-garde and just like his music his fashion is raw and fresh.

The 25-year old iconic entertainer has won style icon of the year and is Korea's most fashion-forward and eclectic artist arguably one of the world's. He has been known to have influenced the fashion sense of individuals around the world and has even caught the eye of Fashion creators the world over some of which say he is the perfect muse for a fashion designer. He has attended fashion shows the recent one being the Paris Fashion week. He has also collaborated with a lot of designers over the years most of which he said greatly influenced his fashion. Some of them are Karl Lagerfeld, Hedi Slimane formerly of Dior Homme who is now a creator at Saint Laurent, all his suits are from Thom Browne, Korean designer Juun J and a few others. He also mentioned in an interview 
“I like clothes in general, so it doesn't matter what kind of brand it is. I still go to Dongdaemun Market [famous shopping district in Seoul known for high-quality knockoffs]." He goes there to get inspiration and to see what sort of fashion people are interested in.
 He can be seen to be rocking clothing straight off the runway and to be pulling it off perfectly. Not many people can do that.

The New York Times described him as
“miraculous canvas to work with” in September, when his latest album “Coup D’etat” hit the stores. “He morphs easily into almost any style, he moves with panache and confidence and he has a perpetual sense of theatre about him. His is a version of pop stardom all but abandoned in this country,”
You may describe his fashion as somewhat futuristic and whimsical and maybe not your cup of tea but fashion houses such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are intrigued. This  revolutionary artistic genius from Korea has a knack of taking today's fashion trends and making it his own authentic version without a fear of taking fashion risks. He has successfully created a look that is effortlessly and uniquely his own and he can be seen grazing the covers of world renowned magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

You can't talk about G-Dragon and not mention his hair. He has experimented with everything from short hair to long hair, corn rows to afros, pink, blue, white and even black and white hair he's done them all. Check out a few of them below..

As with other Korean artist, his street fashion is also on par. He is known to wear the most daring ensemble even in the airport, Airport Fashion is a huge thing in Korea. Here are a few of what he wore...

It doesn't matter what clothes or shoes he puts on or what accessories he adorns or even what hair colour he is rocking, G-Dragon has mastered the art of effortlessly rocking an outfit that you might otherwise have thought ridiculous or impossible. He can wear anything and still look good in it. We have seen that happen. Therefore for all the points mentioned above I vote G-Dragon the most Fashionable icon in Asia and one of the most fashionable in the world.



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