KPop Academy Week #2: K-Language and Hangeul

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Week 2 started off with getting to the centre early with my sister, collected my name tag and went ahead to give my sister a tour of the Centre. She was impressed by it. I showed her the library and the current fashion exhibition which I mentioned last week. Here are a few pictures below:

I love how quirky and improvised the collection is plus it is a blend of historic and futuristic concept which complements each other. The designer also had a GD stamp of approval which is great because I have complete trust in his fashion sense. You should definitely check out the entire collection at the 

Korean Cultural Centre  
Grand Buildings, 
1 - 3 Strand, London 

At 2pm we were ushered into the hall were we met Professor Jae Hoon Yeon who is the Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics at School of Oriental and African Studies. He gave us a lecture on the origin of the Korean Language and Hangeul and its evolution as well. I found the lecture to be very interesting and informative, it also cleared certain misconceptions I had between the North and South Korean Language.

We then went on a 15 minute break. We were told that our names were written in hangeul and spread out on tables in the lobby. I spotted my name easily because I could read hangeul. It was interesting seeing the korean versions of our names. After the break we were told to use calligraphy to write out our names in hangeul, but before that a mini presentation was shown to us about the history of calligraphy in Korea.

The tools being used were known as the Four friends of the study (문방사우) i.e The Paper (화선지), Ink(), Brush () and Ink stone (연). We were also shown pictures of modern calligraphy mostly used in the media. And how creative people get with it especially with typography.

We were given brush, ink and paper for our task and after a few attempts I came up with this

The class was on March 1st which is also Sam Il Jeol (삼일절) which is a Korean national holiday that commemorate a major independence movement against the Japanese rule over Korea.

As you can see from the picture, I decided to incorporate the day in my calligraphy, I had the Korean Flag drawn at the bottom left and sam il jeol written on the upper left corner. You can also see the Korean flag which is known as the taegeukgi (
태극기) in the picture. 

We had our pictures taken with our project and then we headed home. I didn't hang out with the others because I had somewhere to go with my sister, So I am looking forward to knowing more about everyone next week. Cheers to an exciting 10 more weeks.


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