KPop Academy Week 2 Assignment.

Friday, 7 March 2014

In honour of our previous class on Korean Language and Hangul, this weeks assignment was on Korean typography. We were taught how to write our name using calligraphy last week. So the challenge was to come up with cool typography choosing from four options to incorporate it in.

I was already thinking of cool concepts to do and all week long I tried different apps and computer programs but I still wasn't getting the results I wanted. I also realised that my IT skills needs more improving. After numerous failed attempts I decided to do it the old fashioned way, by using Pen and paper. I didn't expect it to take so much time but I managed to finish it just at the nick of time. I present to you my finished project....

I decided to incorporate a bit of my personality to the chart, I like really bright colours and my Favourite KPop star is G.D so I put in a bit of him into it as well. I think I was having too much fun with this assignment :) and I ended up incorporating 3 out of the 4 questions into my project.

  • The top left corner says 사랑해~which means 'I Love You' and I used heart in place of the last consonant to indicate that. 
  • The large single characters are the 14 simple consonants of the Korean alphabets.
  • One of a Kind is the name of one of G-Dragon's 2nd Album and there's a title song as well.
  • 권지용 is G-Dragon's Korean name and his birth name as well 
  • And G.D obviously means G-Dragon.
 Hope you like my artwork as I like to call it.


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