International Day of Happiness: Brunel University Edition.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

I knew today was going to be International day to celebrate happiness, in fact I have known for a couple of days now. But I didn't think to do anything except maybe post a picture on instagram, i.e until around noon today when the idea to take pictures and video clips came to me. I am a Writer/Blogger who loves laughing and being Happy so i thought it seemed fit to do something meaningful  to mark this day.

Seeing as I didn't have much time to prepare for this I just went around my campus begging asking people to be a part of it. It took a lot of persuasion on some part and some refusals ( not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera :) but in the end I managed to get a couple of videos and pictures and a few laughs as well :) Check out the video below....

I would like to say a Huge Thank You to my dear friend Amina who helped me today, I wouldn't have been able to walk up to random strangers and ask to do this if she wasn't with me, and she also had to hold my heavy bag as I took all the pictures. And thank you for agreeing to be in a lot of the videos as well, I had sooo much fun and I hope you had a good time as well.

And to all the people who stopped to talk to us even if they didn't take part, thanks for giving us a good laugh and for letting us share our cheers with you guys. Finally, a MASSIVE thank you to all of you guys who agreed to be a part of this, I am so grateful. You all made our day of Happiness filled with lots and lots of Happiness.

Lots of love,


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