Most Used Words and Phrases in Korean Drama (K-Drama) and KPop

Friday, 28 February 2014

My first assignment for the KPop Academy is to make a list of ten words or phrases in Korean that are often used in my favorite K-Dramas, K-Films, Korean Books, and by my favorite K-Pop artists. 

Challenge accepted!!!! 

The challenge here being toning it down to 10 because I already have a lot that I love...

  1. My all time favourite Korean word is 진짜~Jinjja which means really, actually. 
This is a bit informal however the formal way of saying it is  정말~Jeongmal which is also really, truly. 
It can be used as a statement or a question depending on the tone of your voice. Here's a video of  SNSD's Yoona saying it 


 2. 완전대박~Wanjeon Daebak. This can be used to refer to when someone or something is totally awesome or amazing. This is a slang word that is usually used by the younger generation. Watch this fun video below by the KPop group Fiestar explaining daebak in three languages :)

3. 야, 말도 안돼~Ya, maldo andwae which means Hey, that's impossible.

This can also mean It doesn't make sense or you can say it when you don't believe something.
There's actually a song with the same title, it is part of the soundtrack of the drama Personal Taste starring Lee min ho and Son Ye-jin. You can listen to it below.

4. 걱정하지 마세요~Geog-jeong-haji maseyo which means Don't worry about it. 
I hear this a lot in most Drama's especially when someone is in trouble or they are fretting about something. You can watch the video below for how to pronounce it and more in-depth explanation. 

5. 아이고/아이구~ aigo/aigu which is used for surprises both negative and positive.  
Aigo is a phrase that is usuallyy used by the older generation. In drama's sometimes the mom says this to their 애들~kids:
 아이고 잘했네 잘했어~Aigoo, jalhaenne Jalhaesseo which is You did so good! You did so well! You can listen to how it sounds below... 

6. 문자 왔숑~Munja wasseo which means You've got a text!
In some K-Drama's the characters have this catchy phrase for when they receive a text message. I think it is very cute and thought I should include it :)    
Here is a clip from secret garden for you to hear, he also says it at the  end which is cute.


7. 내가 알아서 할게~Naega araseo halke which means I'll take care of it.
This is usually used in a situation where you don't want the other person to worry, by letting them know that you will handle it. however if you use a harsh tone, it might mean you telling the person to butt out and mind their business. You can watch the lovely 선생님~Teachers of Talk to me in Korean explaining it below 

8. 미쳤어~Mijyeosseo which simply means crazy 
This is usually used to ask someone if they are crazy. The slight increase in tone at the end indicate it is a question. You can watch the video below to learn all about this word and how it is pronounced :)

 9. 여기,소주 한병좀 주세요~Yeogi, soju hanbyeong jom juseyo which translates to Please give me a bottle of soju here.
Soju is a popular type of alcohol that is widely drunk in korea and the world. In most K-Drama's they visit a soju stall at one point and this is what I hear them say. Here's a soju commercial I found on the interweb below

10. 어떻게- How


 This can be used in so many different ways. It can mean 'what to do' or 'what kind of' as well which is written as 어떡하지. Vixx have a song with the same title as well, check it out below.



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