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Thursday, 6 February 2014

 Today's post was inspired by two things that occurred in the past few days. 

A few days back I was looking through my old Journal from when I was 19 (feels like yesterday, I still cannot believe I am 21), when I found this little writeup that held so much meaning to me. It said a lot about me and my life in just a few short sentences.

There is no limit to my dreams and I wake up everyday hoping and working for it to come true. I believe that by doing this one day I will get to live it. You should never think anything is impossible, because that my friend is the start of your failures. Always live with the mindset that even the most absurd thing might actually be possible and that will be the beginning of your success.

          The second occurrence was watching a video of Monita Rajpal from CNN interviewing Pharrell. He was talking about the I am Other initiative and where it came from. If this is the first you are hearing of it, it basically is a movement celebrating individuality. People that do not fit into a box.people who aren't afraid to be different. Now if you know me, you know that these are my people so I was quickly intrigued to know more and every word out of Pharrell's mouth I liked. Before this I didn't know much about pharrell except that he was in the 'Get Lucky' song and he won a lot of grammy's this year. But after this I went to my good old friend Google for all the info I could get. I found the I am Other YouTube channel. The 24 Hours of Happy website and a bunch of other things.

This was the first thing Pharrell said in the interview video and it stuck to me.

I am different. I am weird. You're right I don't fit into your world, you wanna now why? Because I am Other.

Upon hearing this a smile immediately spread across my face. He was just repeating things I have said to myself countless of times. It was like finally finding home, a space where you belong. 'I am Other' was that for me. He was wearing a shirt that read "Wealth is of the heart and mind not the Pocket". I kid you not in that moment I automatically was on #TeamPharrell. I subconsciously added him on my list of Role Models.

I never knew that I will find common ground with Pharrell but I am glad I did. He spreads messages of happiness and quirkiness in the most epic proportion and I gotta love him for that. Speaking of happy I recommend you listen to the song below. 

Here's to more wonderful discoveries like this one. And I would also like to thank those that take the time to read my blog. It is well appreciated :)

Lots of love,


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