Day in London; Chinese New Year Festival 2014

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hello there internet friends :) I hope you all are having a great year so far. As for me lots of exciting things have been going on. I have managed to keep up with my New me Resolutions which I think is a huge accomplishment. I don't procrastinate as often as I used. I am lucky enough to be able to be a part of a few exciting projects which I will soon share with you guys, I am super psyched about it because it involves a few of my fave hobbies.

Anyways I have finally gotten enough free time to tell you guys about my day out with friends in London. It involves the festival, Chinatown, street performances and so much more....

I realised just now that I have more videos than pictures from the day, but no worries I am going to make a vlog as well.

We got to Trafalgar square at around noon and it was already packed. It was impossible to see the concert so we gave up and headed to china town.

Hanif Photo-bombing us in front of Piccadilly circus station.

This was in Leicester square, there were a few stalls for circus games. I knew I couldn't win so I didn't even bother trying :(

We stopped at Bubbleology in Soho for some refreshing Bubble Tea which as you can see Roma is holding. (I did a sort of review in the video which I promise to upload ASAP)

Somewhere in China Town

There wasn't as much of street food this year or maybe I didn't see it, but this was the only pic I took.

I'm not sure who they are but yeah... :)

We were supposed to have lunch at china town but as you can imagine it was soo crowded and the queues to get into the restaurants were insane. So we headed to Bayswater which is kind of like our go to place to eat (Seriously guys whatever you're into you will definitely find a place to eat in bayswater, I think there should be at least 50 restaurants there). We opted for C&R which is a Malaysian restaurant with a hint of Indian, Chinese and Thai.

C&R Restaurant Review

 Restaurant Entrance

Menu which was extensive BTW
Sesame Prawn on toast with three different chilli dips :) It was yummy.
Chilli dips. L: chilli with fish sauce puree R: Red chilli chunks in soy sauce. I don't like seafood but I still preffered the fish chilli. It had a good taste.
I ordered apple juice expecting the store bought one but I got this freshly squeezed green apple instead :)
Malaysian Style Deep Fried Chicken. I don't have words to describe this. It was the highlight of the meal for me. The sauce was made with lemon which made the taste even better. You should definitely try this!!

Kampung Style Nasi Goreng
(fried rice with chicken, prawn, anchovies, fresh chilli, frenchbeans & fried egg on top)

Thai Red  Chicken Curry

Malaysian Chicken Curry
 Both Curries were served with Boiled rice. I liked the taste of it, but it wasn't that memorable. It tasted like every good curry. I like being adventurous with my tastebuds.
Nasi Lemak
(rice cooked in coconut milk with sambal chilli, anchovies, archar, chicken curry, peanut & egg)
 This right here is something I will also recommend. As you can see the plate has everything you need from veggies to protein and so on. Not to mention that it was delicious.
Lamb Fried Rice. This is what I ordered. It wasn't even on  the menu but for some reason it was what I wanted. I am glad they made it for me and I quite liked it.

We didn't get desserts afterwards because the portions were really large and after the bubble tea we had earlier there wasn't enough room for dessert. We ended up staying longer than expected chatting, laughing and having a merry time. To be honest we were a bit loud but they didn't complain. I really enjoyed the meal and the service was great. Although the service charge was a bit on the high side. If you are looking for an authentic Malaysian restaurant I will definitely recommend this one.

Now it was time to have fun. We went into the Whitely's Mall which is a really nice mall with lot's of awesome stores. Roma decided to have Hanif curl his hair which was fun to watch (also in the video guys :)!! We initially were planning to get some Boris bikes to do some cycling but it was cold and dark already (No thanks to the daylight saving time). So we decided on Bowling at the Queensway Ice and Bowl
Somewhere around there we came across some street performers doing the chinese dragon dance. It had a meaning behind it which I do not know (Sorry)

I have a footage of the dance which you will watch very soon

Bowling Time

When we got there we were told to wait for an hour for a lane to be free. So we ended up playing some arcade games and taking pictures.

Rasheed has mastered the art of making funny faces lool!! This is us being Sad.

This is Scared!! just check out Rasheed :) as for me If this is my scary face, I should maybe hold off on being scared in public.

This is Happy and laughing

I'm not sure I got this right. No Caption!!
The three Musketeers :)

I was too lazy to Bowl, so I don't have the bowling shoes on. with Mina and Zizan.

<3 <3 <3

Perfect end to an equally perfect Day <3!!!!!!!!

This has so far been the best day so far this year. I seriously laughed till my tummy hurts. Hanging out with ya'll was so much fun and it was lovely meeting Zurin as well. She fit right in our group :) Looking forward to the next time we all hang out again.

As for my readers, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I had more pictures but I didn't want to overwhelm you :) I might insert some of them in the video which I promise will come very soon. I actually had more footage than pictures (I feel) so it will take a while to edit.

See you guys next time,


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