A trip to Portobello Road Market and Notting Hill.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

On a cold rainy Saturday in march of last year, I decided to visit the famous Portobello Market. Why I chose a day like that is beyond me, all I can say is maybe my subconscious was trying to cheer me up because I was going through alot at the time. 

I am a lover of vintage stuff, and I love the thrill of finding unique trinkets with a lot of history, so you can imagine my excitement. Also, I had always wanted to visit Notting Hill since watching the movie of the same title starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone which surprisingly turned out good. The weather wasn't the best though but the pictures were okay.

These ladies had mesmerising voices that you can't help but stop for a listen!!

How cool is this!! The entire store was filled with them!

Oh hi Charlie Chaplin wannabe :) I almost missed you there.

Vintage Cameras
I saw this mini passageway and went through it only to find myself in this huge space with spectacular display of cameras and stuff from different eras. The grin on my face was like no other.

Front of a random store

Rows and Rows of houses with all with different colours.

A display of Art on the street with an Asian theme going on.

This was displayed on a table outside. Aren't they lovely?! especially the tea set, how quaint!

Awesome display inside the All Saints store, couldn't resist a snap.

Below are a few images from a store I stopped by, I can't remember the name but I had a grand time in there. There was shelves and shelves of cute stuff at reasonable prices might I add. And they also had these little signs with cute write ups, I snagged one me self. I promised myself I was gonna come back here when I get a place of my own, because they had a lot of amazing pieces that will make for good decor.

Trying on a mask. Excuse my face :)

This dude was just stood there in the middle of the street blowing bubbles. I stood and watched him for a while lost in my thoughts.

I stopped by this quirky store that had random household items with weird shapes and bright colours.

Saw this dress whilst walking by and stopped to check it out, I quite liked it's simplicity.

And here it is, the famous bookshop. It was called the travel bookshop in the movie.

Like I said excuse my face, It was a rough couple of weeks.

Spotted this when I was  leaving and had to take a pic. Growing up my mum used to buy books for me here when she came to England.

Even though it rained a lot, and I was in a bit of a gloomy mood myself, I had an enjoyable time. For all you vintage lovers and collectors of trinkets, Portobello Market is a must go for you whenever you're in England. It comes highly recommended. There are a lot of shops that sell stuff from vintage clothes and bags, accessories, collectibles and a lot of other lovely goods. Saturdays are the best time to visit, because that is the market day although it can get a bit crowded, but it's not too bad. And BTW they have lovely scarves and handmade goodies as well plus a variety of street food that has your mouth watering just by the smell.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you have a lovely week.



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