3 mistakes to avoid when learning korean

Sunday, 14 December 2014

It is always fun and exciting when you start learning a language. You want to absorb it all at once but soon enough you realize that you have to follow certain steps in order to be successful, plus you can't 'learn it all at once'. The same applies to Korean.

Each language has it's own unique characteristics and in most cases patterns to follow whilst studying, along with it is some mistakes that should be avoided. Over the course of my learning Korean, I have unfortunately falling prey to some of these mistakes. I hope I can help you to avoid them or to not repeat them.

21 question tag – the Korean learner version

Sunday, 7 December 2014

1. Why Korean?
I used to repeat words and phrases when watching Korean Dramas and then I moved on to writing it down. One thing led to another and I was learning hangul. The rest is history...

2 . Daum or Naver (dictionary I mean)?
Naver! Recently started using it a lot and it has been awesome so far. Never tried Daum but I might give it a go.

3. First website that you visit everyday?

My Blog aka my Safe Place :) then Youtube or Viki.

4. Best thing that happened to you? (related to learning Korean)

All the amazing opportunities and fantastic friends I've made along the way and of course Kpop Academy :) It all wouldn't have happened if I didn't start learning korean.

5. Ever regretted learning Korean?

Absolutely not!! I am falling in love with it more rather. I can't imagine my life otherwise now.

6. Most common feedback/question you get when you say you are learning Korean?

Why Korea? Why not french or spanish (Ughh sick of this question...why not Korea?)

7. First Korean food that comes to your mind?

김치 볶음밥 Kimchi Fried rice (I can never get enough of this)

8. Most overrated Korean drama?

Boys over flowers

9. Most underrated Korean drama?

A Gentleman's Dignity

10.Latest milestone in learning Korean?

Having a conversation with a Korean who spoke little English and I was able to keep up like 60% of the time. Getting there, fighting!!

11. Favorite Korean word / phrase?

진짜 Really

12. Name 3 people (fictional / real) who motivate / influence your Korean learning journey
G-Dragon: He is my favourite Korean artist and I would love to meet him someday. I want to speak in korean when that happens.

The Men of Abnormal Summit: It is a korean TV show with a foreign cast. They comment about evryday problems in Korea. They're all very fluent and it's very motivating watching them.

Korean self-study learners who have exceeded expectations. They all motivate and inspire me. I feel assured that I can do it too!!! Aja aja!!

13. Secret ambition / goal (relating to Korean)

Meeting and chilling with G-Dragon and having coneversations with him in Korean. Possibly moving to Korea and working at YG. Dreams are never too big right??

14. I want to sound like _____ when I speak Korean

Sandara Park or Yoo In Na

15. Best compliment received (for Korean)

Wow your pronunciation is really good. 

16. When is the last time you sat down and study Korean?

2 days ago...I'm being a really good girl this days.

17. Favorite textbook?

I've just used the Sejong Korean so far but I like the TTMIK Workbook and Sogang Korean which I find online.

18. Special people you met (online or otherwise) through Korean?

The friends I made through language cafe's and those I still remain friends with, they've inspired me and taught me a lot. The amazing guys at Kpop Academy, I had the best time with them. And also the people I met through this blog who are also learning korean or are interested in Korean culture. They all mean a lot to me :)

19. How has learning Korean changed you / your life? 

It has made me more open-minded about life and cultures. I have also become more adventurous. I eat lots of korean food and I'm surrounded by korean related stuffs everyday. I love it!!

20. Ever dreamt in Korean?
No, but I wish I will. It'll be fun I know :)

21. Single best thing about learning Korean?

Everything. It feels so good when I understand a word or when I meet a korean and they react to me speaking korean. I guess it is the feeling I get from absorbing Korea ❤

Why don't you give this a go as well, I would love to know what your responses are. You could leave a link to your post or just answer the questions in the comment :)



Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I'm back with another episode of learning korean using music. Although this song is not a Kpop song, It is as popular as kpop songs to fans of Korean dramas. If you have seen the drama '풀하우스~Pul-hauseu' (Full House) starring the king of Kpop 비~Bi~Rain (BTW that is his stage name and now you know how to say rain in Korean) and the gorgeous and talented Song Hye Kyo. I find it easier to understand the language in nursery rhymes because it is at elementary level. I hope this is of some help to you. Have fun!!

Visit the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This centre was opened in 2010 to enhance friendship between South Korea and Nigeria through cultural and educational exchanges.  

With the growing interest in Korea across the globe, Nigerians are surely not left out. This was further indicated by a recent article on Korean dramas titled  "What do you think of Korean Dramas? Check out our Faves!" published on Bella Naija, the response was amazing. I had no idea that a lot of Nigerians have fallen in love with the sensational Korean dramas as well.

I remember the first time I found KCC, I was interested in Korea from watching K-Dramas and this led to me picking up the language. I was going to be in Nigeria over the summer so I went on my good 'ol friend google to find the address of the embassy so I could request for a language tutor. But lo and behold I found this precious gem of a place, you can imagine my excitement. I immediately emailed the centre and got a response from Mr Yoon who later became 윤 샘 (Teacher yoon) because he was the language teacher.

The traditional Korean Attire on Display at the centre

This was the beginning of my relationship with the centre and it became one of my favourite places in Abuja. It became a tradition for me to visit the centre the day I arrive in Nigeria regardless of how tired I am. When it comes to learning Korean my excitement is at an all time peak.

I digress...So here's what you need to know about their services..!!

[Review] Wagamama Japanese Restaurant Uxbridge

Sunday, 23 November 2014

It is safe to say that every foodie, tom, dick, and harry have tried Wagamama. If you haven't, get on google and find the nearest one STAT!! So I suppose it is no surprise that I­— as well as most Brunelians (Brunel Uni students) and residents of Uxbridge, was excited for the opening of Wagamama in our dear town.

I waited with anticipation and planned on going to the opening but I unfortunately couldn't and had to keep putting it off, that is until tonight. I went for dinner with Gaya and a friend and to my surprise we had to wait for a table. I guess it is a smashing hit!! This might be because it's a Sunday night or because it recently opened, heck who am I kidding it is because it's Wagamama!!

We didn't have to wait for long but it was okay cos we got the chance to peruse the menu. One thing we noticed is that there's a difference from the regular menu and this one was limited  but most of the popular dishes were definitely on there (Calm down, there's a Firecracker ;)

The sitting area was set out as the picture below and I liked it. It makes it comfortable whether you are in a group or alone. Plus I have a thing for East Asian architecture so I liked the way this was set up. The kitchen is an open plan setting and there are some stools around there as well. How nice to have your food prepared right in front of you (Note to self: try that out)

For the Love of Trot (트로트) Music.

Monday, 17 November 2014

My first encounter with Korean trot Music~트로트 was last summer. I attended the language class at the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria, where I took part in the Sejong institute speech contest. At the event, my classmates and I performed Arirang and a trot song by Jang Yun-Jeong, (You might Know her from the reality show, The Return of Superman), called '어머나~Eomona' which translates to 'Oh My', an expression generally used by females kinda like 'Oh my goodness'. I remember clearly the day (short form for teacher)  played the song for the first time and told us about performing. She acted out the song for us and I thought 와우...재미있어 (Wow, it looks fun). 

The tempo was upbeat, the rhythm was nice and we were all bobbing our heads to it. We were all excited to perform it except for maybe the one male person in our class because it is perceived as a feminine song. mentioned that Koreans have a soft spot for this song and it has been a popular choice at noraebangs for years. I made it a point to ask some Koreans I met afterwards and they all agreed, with some even singing the song with me.

My first K-pop Concert Experience: Mini concert with Super Junior'sDongHae & EunHyuk.

Friday, 14 November 2014

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the theatre was the stage. There was this huge lighting panels and bright lights with smoke and I thought, 'Yup this is it'!!! From when I got to the venue I could feel the general attitude and level of excitement, everyone was there because they loved Kpop and it was such a wonderful feeling being in that room. It was kinda like a community and this is where I belong...

Fans were handing out photo cards and banners and everyone was sharing kpop stories and asking about biases ( fave kpop idols) and what-nots. You could tell that the fans are very dedicated and this was not just a concert but it meant so much more...One of the fans designed a mini banner to celebrate the group's 9th Anniversary which was produced through Super Junior UK Fanclub and distributed at the event. The most surprising thing however is the demographic of the fans, as expected there were a lot of fangirls, but there were fanboys present as well as Mum's, Dad's and even Grandparents.

My 5 Faourite 'Kimchi-based' Dishes

Monday, 13 October 2014

October is not just the time when the leaves turn into beautiful shades of brown and when we enjoy warm nights filled with cups of spicy cocoa. It is also the time when Koreans begin to observe the timeless tradition of Gimjang— the art of making Kimchi. We all know Kimchi right? The dish that accompanies every Korean meal. There are so many variations of Kimchi  but the most common is Korean cabbage Kimchi.

My first taste of this fermented dish was very memorable because I was expecting to like it but didn't. I decided it wasn't my cup of tea and moved on. But then a few months later I had a try of Kkakdugi~Radish Kimchi — upon a Korean friend's recommendation— and I liked it. That was the first time I knew of Kimchi having variations. My friend told me that kimchi is an acquired taste and sometimes it takes people a while to get used to it.

With many trips to Korean restaurants under my belt, I have slowly discovered the world of Hansik and with it came some knowledge on different dishes. I have grown to like the taste of Kimchi, and like many Koreans, it is now a staple dish accompanying my Korean meals and it can usually be found in my refrigerator — sitting on the top shelf and affecting the taste of everything.

This year I plan on having my very first Gimjang experience and I am very excited about that. To share in my excitement, here are my 5 favourite kimchi based dishes.


Sunday, 12 October 2014


This Scholarship program was created as part of promoting cultural exchanges between Nigeria and South Korea as well as maintaining  mutual friendship. It is designed for Undergraduate students who are interested in a study abroad program as well as interested in exploring foreign cultures. This is an opportunity for you to explore the world and enrich your university experience as well as expand your networks.

It is also a chance for those interested in Korea to fulfill their dreams of travelling and living in Korea!!!
You will be required to take a language course as part of the scholarship before commencing with your degree. So you not only get a degree out of this but also a Korean Language qualification.

The scholarship is all expense paid including Airfare and Health insurance. You can read all the details by clicking the link below. Hurry and apply, deadline is this Friday.

Application Period: September 1st ~ October 17th 2014
Announcement of shortlisted candidates: ~ October 31st 2014
Interview at Korean Cultural Centre Abuja: November 5th ~ 7th 2014

For further inquiries call: 08162626224 or click on the link below:



My Family's First taste of Korean Food.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

우리 가족을 한식은 처음 먹었어다

Mini Korean lesson before we start!!

우리 ~ My/Our
가족 ~ Family
한식 which is the short form of 한국 음식 ~ Korean Food
처음 ~ First time

I have been interested in the Korean culture for about two years now. It all started when a friend recommended the drama 'Boys Over Flowers' as a sort of "break" after a long study session. It was a nice distraction and the start of my love affair with Korea. My family eventually caught on to my love for Korea, well I guess it was pretty obvious because I couldn't shut up about it. Coming from Nigeria where there isn't that much Korean presence, my family wondered at how I ended with such fascination for this country. But they eventually got used to it.

I had always told them about Korean food but they never got to try it because you can't find Korean food in Nigeria. My mum however went on a business trip to Ethiopia and was delighted to come across a Korean restaurant, she then told her colleagues about my interest in Korea and suggested they have dinner at the restaurant. Unfortunately she didn't know the name of the dishes they were served because the waiter recommended it­— well except for the BBQ which by the way was served with lettuce, but they didn't know you were supposed to wrap the meat in the leaves so they left the leaves untouched ­— but they liked it.  Most Africans like 매운 음식 (Spicy Food) so there was no complain with that. I told my mum that I will take her to a Korean restaurant when they come to London so she could try my favourite dishes ­— and maybe know what she ate this time around.

Mum was hooked, time to work on the rest of the Family. 

My birthday was a few weeks ago, my only wish was that I wanted my family to go to a Korean restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Luckily my family was in London, I knew it was a rare opportunity to have them try out all the food for themselves rather than having to hear me gush about it. I decided on Kimchee restaurant because it was reviewed as a fusion Korean restaurant. I thought it will be more suitable for their palate and help to ease them into the Hansik flavour.

The first thing we noticed when we walked into the restaurant was this spectacular wall covered in Hangul

Have you heard of 사투리~Satoori?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

As you learn a language, one of the things you come across especially with a language that is being spoken throughout a country is 'dialect'. We even see this with the English language where British English differs in a way from American English both in tonation and vocabulary. This is also the case with 한국어~ Hangugeo ~Korean Language.  

Dialect in Korean is referred to as 사투리 ~ Satoori. The standard South Korean dialect and the most widely used is 서울말~ Seoulmal ~ Seoul speach. The chart below shows the different classification of the Korean dialect according to regions




Northwestern P'yŏng'an



Gyeonggi ~ Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi


Chungcheong ~ Chungcheong, Daejon

Southeastern Gyeongsang ~ Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, Jinju, Pohang,Changwon

Southwestern Jeolla ~ Jeollabuk-do, Gwangju, Jeollanam-do

Insular Jeju

 Source: Wikepedia. A chart showing the classification of dialect in the Korean Peninsula

The northeastern and Northwestern as well as Yeongdong dialects are used in parts of North Korea and Northeastern China. The rest are all part of the South Korean dialect and is widely spread between the eight regions. Just like the English language, the most noticeable difference between these dialects is tonation. There is also a major distinction in some of the vocabulary where some words are completely different. The Korean grammar has what is referred to as word endings, this can be used to identify the distinctions in these dialects. An example

Chris Rathore Interview: A photographer is Born!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Chris Rathore is a 19 years old Business student at Brunel University, London. He is a photographer for the University's Newspaper. Chris is a Nature, Portrait and Landscape photographer with a knack for creative photography. He uses his pictures to create stories of memorable and stunning pictures. 

Chris draws inspiration from English Photograher extraordinaire Kirsty Mitchell she does well orchestrated photo shoots and she's been working on one project for two years now. She builds these really bizarre setups which usually are in the forest and creates the most beautiful and enchanting photos. His other inspiration is Russian photographer Stanislav Puchkovsky.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris about his passion, creative process and inspiration. Keep on reading to get inside the mind of this creative genius...

Ambitious or Distracted | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

"Ambitious or Distracted?
A question we must ask ourselves every now and then. The paper bird depicts high aspirations, ambitions and the confused look reflects the distractions in our lives."


What was the first thing that drew you to photography?

Surprisingly it all started from instagram! I had no clue whatsoever about cameras let alone DSLRs and its workings, until about 3 years back. I was fascinated by all the creative pictures on instagram and the editing process. When I first discovered photography, I posted around 10 pictures a day. I got so into it which led me to ask the popular photographers on instagram how their pictures came out so well. 

I got into landscape photography first and then gradually moved to portraits. Taking pictures with my iPhone and experimenting with the varieties of apps on hand helped me to hone my editing skills. After doing this for two years, I made the decision to buy my first proper camera, which led me to organize some themed photo shoots. I started with landscape but ended up finding my true passion for portrait photography.

Howth, Ireland | By Chris Rathore for Chintan|MrPixels .

Learn korean using kpop and kdrama

Thursday, 18 September 2014

For most of us, our first introduction to Korea was through entertainment which led to a penchant for the Korean Language also known as Hangugmal~한국말. There are plenty of ways to learn this language but what about learning through the first reason why we got into Korea.

First and foremost, to be successful in studying this language there's a need to learn the alphabets known as Hangul~한글. This will not only make learning faster and easier, it also makes for a more accurate pronunciation. What I have found with the romanization of Korean words is that when it is pronounced the English way, it doesn't always sound correct and in some cases it changes the meaning of the word.

what korean drama has taught me about love

Sunday, 14 September 2014

As cheesy and unrealistic as soap operas can be, there are a thing or two we learn from them. My years of watching Korean dramas has made me a sort of expert at deciphering them and predicting outcomes, although once in a while I do come across that odd one that knocks me off my feet.

Most Korean dramas are centred around love. Be it a romantic love or other types. Seeing this situations over and over again, I have been able to learn a thing or two about love. You see love is as universal as it can get, however, I have come to the realisation that we all love in our own special ways, but there are things that are always the same. 

From the mythical land of the Korean drama I have been able to acquire the following wisdom...

Korean Diary Entry #1

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Interesting title right?

I was just doing some major reflecting on my language study and it has slowed down a bit. This is mostly due to how busy other aspects of my life has been. 

I have made up my mind to post diary entries in Korean in order to help me with the following

  • Think in Korean
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Learn to express myself in Korean
  • Learn to sound natural (although this might take a while seeing as I'm using the dictionary for now)

2014년 9월 11일 
오늘 많이 하지 않았어. 난가지고 두통이 아주 있었어.   

이번 주말에 런던에서 기념을위한 갈거야.

레이디스 코드 리세와 은비의 기념관.

솔직히 알고  없는데 그들 하지만

케이팝 가족을용 나는 갈 것이요.

굿나잇 친구들!

Restaurant Review: Assaha Lebanese Traditional Village, Paddington

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Image source: Assaha Website

 As I mentioned in an earlier post, my family was here in the UK for holiday so we did a lot of touristy things which I can't wait to share with you guys :)

One of the things we did was try out different cuisines (my two younger brothers were on a mission to try out cuisines from around the world). Luckily for them London is just the right place...

Seeing as the first half of their holiday was during Ramadan (holy month of fasting for Muslims), we could only go out for iftar (breaking of fast). On one of those days we were debating on where to eat when my dad mentioned a Mediterranean restaurant that his friend took him to on one of his business trips. A quick phone call to said friend, and we got the name, ASSAHA.

Before we went to the restaurant, my dad was already giving great reviews, I was intrigued at this point cos the last time he was there was a few years ago but he could still remember the place.

Learn Hangul with Kpop Idol Names!!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

So I have been learning Korean for close to two years now and it has mostly been through self-studying. The best decision I made in this language journey is learning Hangul  한글 which is the Korean alphabet.  

This made my learning process twice faster because I didn't need to figure out the romanization 
and I had a more accurate understanding of how words were pronounced. 
Hangul is fairly easy to master but it might take a while for you to remember each sound. 
Seeing as most of Korean learners also listen to Kpop, I thought this will be a fun way to associate the characters with a familiar sound. I hope this video helps you guys in some way.

Good luck and don't forget to have fun with it!!


KPop Academy: Overview

Monday, 25 August 2014

I still can't shut up about my experience at KPop Academy, that was how good it was!!!

I have been sending people this way to check out the posts I wrote about my experience, but I know it can be a bit difficult to navigate your way through the entire 12 weeks + Assignments posts. 
So I made this guide to sort of make it easier for you.


Week 1: Orientation.
Week 2: K-Language and Hangeul
Week 3: I wore a Hanbok.
Week 4: Korean Cooking Lessons at School of Wok.
Week 5: Korean History and Korean War.
Week 6: Craft: Colour of Korea
Week 7: K-Dance with Team LoKo.
Week 8: Korean Literature
Week 9: Traditional Music and Free B.A.P Concert Tickets.
Week 10: Varieties of Korean Music Today
Week 11: Korean Art at the British Museum
Week 12: Graduation....


Week 1: Most Used Words and Phrases in Korean Drama (K-Drama) and KPop
Week 2: Typography Chart
Week 3: G-Dragon, A Fashion Icon
Week 4: Jjajangmyeon Noodles Recipe
Week 5: Shadows in the palace Review.
Week 6: Hanbok Origami and Ttakji.
Week 7: Webtoon: A New Trend in Korean Digital Comics with Yoon Tae-ho
Week 8: Sijo Poem
Week 9: CROOKED ~ 삐딱하게 by G-Dragon PARODY 
Week 10: KPop & Gugak (Traditional Music)
Week 11: M/V Parody of I Almost Had it by Jang Kiha and the Faces.
Week 12: I wrote and performed a spoken word poem for Kpop Academy Graduation!!!

Hope you enjoy it, there's sooo much awesomeness written on this pages!!!

Remember Kpop Academy? Well you could also Apply for the 6th Kpop Academy!!!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The graduating class of the 5th Kpop Academy with friends and Family. Can you spot me ;)

Just like the title says, do you remember the time when all I wrote about was the amazing adventures I had exploring Korea in London.....Click HERE for a reminder!!

Well I've got good news for you....You could also experience it!!!!

The Korean cultural Centre UK, after its successful completion of the 5th Kpop academy, has opened applications for the 6th Kpop academy. 30 people will be given the opportunity to explore different facets of Korea with the highlight being taking part in the promotions of this years Korean film festival.

You will get the opportunity not only to learn first hand about Korea from experts, but also to meet like-minded individuals who share similar interests as you. Over the 12 weeks journey, you will take part in awesome activities like learning how to make Korean food or learning the steps to your fave Kpop songs whilst making friends and having a jolly good time doing it!!!

To apply for this priceless opportunity and for a chance to win a return flight to Korea, check out the details below:

Download the Application From from the KCCUK website which can be found here 

Complete the application process and submit either by:

  • Fax: 020 7004 2619

  • In person or post: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW
Everyone interested in Korean culture (minimum age to apply: 15 years and over) is eligible to apply. 

Don't worry 누나~Noonas, 오빠~Oppas, 아저씨~Ahjussis or 아줌마~Ahjummas, you will not feel out of place so send in your applications :)

The successful applicants will be announced on the KCCUK homepage and Facebook on Thurs 15th September 2014 and contacted individually via email

Note: The deadline for application is 5 pm on Thursday 11th September 2014

* Application forms received outside of the application window will not be accepted.

*Postal applications must arrive by 5pm on Thurs 4th September in order to be accepted. (The KCCUK is closed on Sundays)

For more enquiries about KPop Academy, contact KCCUK at: 020 7004 2600 or info@kccuk.org.uk

The class will run from

Good luck and hope you have an amazing time like I did. 

P.S: If you are lucky and do get in, don't be shy and say hello to people on the first day of class. Everybody is welcoming and there is bound to be someone who likes the same band as you. Besides with kpop and Kdrama, there is already so much to talk about ;)

with love,

When your life is a beautiful chaos....

I guess to call yourself a writer, you need to write!! 

I haven't been doing that lately. My life has been a bit of a chaos, my beautiful chaos as I like to call it, and I can't find the time to do the things I like.

I guess this is a learning process as well as it is a crucial part of growing up. 

Sometimes we need to do things we have to, which keeps the things we want to on the back pedal. 

I am working hard and trying my best to put things in order so I can get back to the things I want  to.

That being said, I am scared that when I decide to get back to writing, 
all the words in my heart and head (The recipe for my writing
will have evaporated/dried up/become extinct. 

To prevent that from happening, I have vowed to find the time to write as much as I can about anything and everything. Be it a few sentences or more. 

Therefore, my posts may not be as long or as often as I'd like but I promise they will pop up every now and then.

Wish me luck and always stay true to yourself xx!!

with love,

Learn Korean: Korean Speech Contest 2014

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hello guys :) How've ya'll been?

Sorry for the radio silence....good news is I'm back!!

I have had quite the summer and one of the things I did is take part in a speech contest where I got a Merit award and 2nd position. Check out my speech/recap in the video below......

P.S I hope you learn some Korean from the video (translation is included)!!!

[ Event Review ] 'Brush' Korean Family Play by the Haddangse ~ 하땅세 Crew

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Haddangse crew are here in the UK to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Ahead of their performance at Edinburgh, they put on a ‘one night only performance’ at the Korean cultural Centre in London. Since I can’t make it to the festival, plus it looked  interesting to me I decided to go check it out and it was a good opportunity to introduce my family to Korea.

Haddangse ~ 하땅세 is a 28 member Eco-friendly theatre company based in South Korea. Their plays are performed brilliantly in the most unconventional style I have ever seen. They tell their stories by painting it out live on stage in an animated manner, capturing the essence of a story and bringing it to live before your eyes.

Photo Credit: KCCUK
I met up with the Producer/director of the show, Lee Kil Jun, before the play to have a chat and get a better understanding of Brush and the Haddangse crew, and also to have an idea of what to expect. He spoke Korean and I English, but with Chris Ryn of Coreamuser, a touring agency for Korean performing artists, translating for us, I got to learn a lot.

When my Sister Had a Life by Saudah

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Heyy guys..... Kon'nichiwa ~ こんにちは (Hello in Japanese)

It's Saudah, Mi Ra's Sister :)

How's your weekend? I wrote this poem about Mi Ra and she made me share it on here....

When my Sister Had a Life

When my sister had a life,
She would dream for hours

About travelling to various cities

Like New york or Paris

Or Barcelona or Milan

When my sister had a life,
Together we would

Go crazy with laughter over funny Hollywood movies

Or cry ourselves silly over sad Bollywood movies

Or sigh with frustration over stupid Nollywood movies

When my sister had a life,

Eating out was an ordeal

Because we could never decide

Which cuisine to try

Is it indian? Or Thai ? Or Chinese?

Or italian? Or Maybe japanese ?

But now, All my sister does

Is dream about visiting Seoul,

Or watch Korean dramas all day,

Or get excited about Kpop artists

And all she eats is Korean food

Although it may be hard

For me to understand

I have to appreciate that

This is the life she wants to live

So it may seem that

My sister doesn't have a life

But that is not so

Just that the life she chose

Is a different kind of life.

Douzo yoroshiku ~ どうぞよろしく。 (Nice to meet you)

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