Korean Vlog (KLOG) #1

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

In this video, I tried using long sentences to talk. It was pretty challenging to pronounce the words and sound natural at the same time. Please leave me comments if you have tips on the most efficient method to sound natural in korean. If there are any language learners here, let us learn together.

안녕 :)


Two sister's Self Introduction in Korean and Japanese.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

As you all know I am self-studying Korean. Well, my sister is taking a course in Japanese as part of her school curriculum. She came to visit for a few days and we decided to do a video (more like I begged her) introducing ourselves in Korean and Japanese. Check it out below.

My experience so far with Korean Food (한국 음식) in London, A Review

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I started getting interested in the Korean culture at the beginning of the year. It all stemmed from my love for Korean Drama which led to my goal to master the language. Although I always thought Korean food looked good on T.V and i wanted to taste it, it never occurred to me to search for restaurants around London until a few months back. I was talking about KDramas with one of my friends and she told me that she loved Korean food and I was like we should go to a Korean restaurant sometime. That was how my Journey to this oriental cuisine started. First stop is Assa.


See my friend is from Singapore and like me she has never checked to see if there were Korean restaurants around. So we used trip advisor to look for the nearest restaurant from Piccadilly Circus station and we found Assa. It wasn't a very long walk for us and when we found it this is what the entrance looked like.
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