Introduction of a Self-taught Korean Geek

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I have waited too long to write this post, every time it crosses my mind i tend to find something else to do and hence the distraction starts and i eventually end up not writing it. Enough with the babbling, so basically I am a Korean geek ( what is that you ask? ) it basically means that i am obsessed in love with all things Korean. from the culture, to the language, food, people and entertainment.

I don't know at what point I fell in love with it all but it should be between watching Kdramas and discovering who Jang Geun Suk is. I recently started to learn 한국 and I am loving the experience so far. I have in recent years tried to learn 4 different languages but I eventually lost interest. But I found that with 한국 it comes so easily to me and I have so much passion and enthusiasm for it.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello ☺

Welcome to Mira + Korea 

I'm Meera or 미라 in Korean 

I have always been fascinated with cultures, wanting to learn all about the world and daydreaming about travelling and absorbing it all. 

One day I discovered a Korean drama, which was the beginning of my interest in Asia. One thing led to another and I picked up the Korean Language as a hobby, because of that I studied Korean culture as well. The more I learned, the more enamored I became.

I have learnt so much about Korea that recently a Korean friend said she felt like I knew more than her. I was flattered of course but I knew it couldn't be so. 
Languages have always been of interest to me, I have learnt Arabic, French, Spanish and German but I never stuck to one for long, i.e before Korean. 
I'd like to think I'm at a basic intermediate level right now, but that is up for debate!

 I love exploring  and learning all that I can about Asia. And I find that when learning a Language, knowing the culture can improve your understanding of it. So studying Korean means I learn about the culture as well. I have never ( Finally visited Korea, read all about it here) been to Korea but I hope to travel there very soon. 

I've had the opportunity to experience different facets of these cultures thanks to living in a multicultural society. I shall use this blog to share with you guys all that I have learned and will learn. 
One of the exciting things that did happen was, I was chosen to be part of the Worldwide Korea Bloggers Program, where I share all my experiences related to Korea published on the Korean Government's Multilingual Blog.

On this blog you will find everything from 

  • Language learning resources (I'm currently Self-studying Korean), 
  • Adventures, 
  • Food reviews and recipes, 
  • Cultural tid bits,
  • Drama Musings
  • Kpop fangirling, 
  •  Diary Entries in Korean
  • and basically every other related thing I can get my hands on!

 Search for me around the web by clicking the following links:

On KOREAN TWITTER and disseminating real time views on dramas & music etc
On FACEBOOK sharing  interesting links
On INSTAGRAM sharing pictures 
and on TUMBLR just doing what people do on there

Say hello and introduce yourself. If you're learning Korean, do let me know :)

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