Motivational Monday: Things are never as bad as it seems.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Hello there Internet friends!!!

How have you been?

I hope you've had a lovely weekend... Mine was perfect!! well except for Korea loosing their match :(

Today's Motivational Monday is to reassure you and remind myself that in this life things happen that sometimes makes us feel like it is the end of the world and we can never move past it. 
But here's the thing that is never the case. So don't you go fretting and worrying yourself about things that are either 
  1. Not in your control
  2. Not as bad as you think
  3. Has a solution
So the next time you maybe 
  • have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, remember there are kind people travelling on the same road that can stop and give you a hand or
  • have a deadline looming over your head and you feel you can't make it, stop, take a deep breath and calm yourself down, then have a mindset that you can do it!! You will be surprised when you eventually meet the deadline. This things are all in our head... or
  • You want something but you feel it is never going to happen, well you haven't tried, so how do you know that the answer will be 'NO'? Last I checked you aren't a psychic!!! So that Job you've been eyeing, that person you like or even that work trip or project that you really want to be a part of is just an ask away. So I dare you this week to go after all your heart's desire!!!
I know life can seem pretty scary sometimes and things don't always go our way but 
what we fail to realise is that every event in our life is connected. 
We might lose a Job to get a better one, 
miss a flight that will sadly crash because it isn't our fate to die at the time. 
Life isn't all rainbows and roses but, if we accept that, we can begin to see the hidden beauty underneath.
If you look hard enough at the right places you will see the real beauty of life, 
a kaleidoscope of laughter,pain,love,hope and so much more....

So the next time you feel that your world is falling apart and you can never pull yourself out of it just remember

Then you know there's nothing that life will throw your way that you can't handle!!!!


with love,

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