For lack of a better title, Let's just call this one 'Passion Fruit'

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Hello there Internet friends, I hope ya'll are having a good week.

I apologise for not uploading a Motivational Monday post this week. I have been having Internet problems. But things are back to normal now. In the mean time, if you haven't read the previous ones you can check out these motivational monday posts from the last two weeks.

It is so much easier to "Just be Yourself", Trust me.

Of Maya Angelou and Mukhtar Mai

So I was going through my creative writing notes this morning when I stumbled across the writ-up below. I just thought it was interesting and slighty humorous, so I'm sharing it with ya'll. I can't vouch for my state of mind when I wrote this or why I chose this topic, but then again, can I really explain why I do half the things I do? No.
Anyways this was a random exercise in class so make of it what you will :) enjoy!!!

My write-up is about Passion Fruit. 
you read it right, passion fruit!!!


It' surface is smooth and hard like a perfect rock by the sea. 
You would expect and wonder at what is hidden underneath. 
Blunt knives as hard as they try do not penetrate it.
You need a sharp knife, as sharp as can be, to get to the surprise laid within.

But lo and behold, a mushy bed of slimy seeds awaits you,
that makes your skin crawl and your insides cringe.
But what will baffle you is the sweet oh sweet taste that it brings.
Now who would have thought such ugliness had a hidden beauty it seems.

Hope the rest of your week is awesome. Two more days till friday ;) :)

with love,

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